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Left 4 Dead 2


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I agree, in a world where you have The Horde in GoW2 and also FireFight in ODST, is doesn't seem too amazing.

Still, I'd love to be proved wrong.

Would also love to see (if any modders are reading this) a version of the original, where ....

  • The game speed is slowed down to maybe 60% of what it normally is
  • Your character moves and moves their aim a lot slower (so it would need to work by a gamepad pad ideally)
  • Perhaps also an aiming system more akin to GoldenEye where the gun can be aimed separately when you have a fixed view
  • If just one zombie manages to lunge at you and get a good bite in, you're dead

Granted, I'm sure some will think this would make it worse but I'm up for the experiment.

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Anybody like playing Hunter? This tutorial map is really amazing - the hunter could have it's own game with the amount of depth there is to playing it.


Kai jumping I just can't do though :)

Yes, and I've played through (most) of that map, although there's some bits I can't do yet. Kai jumping is really, really tough and even though I managed to do the kai section once, I've never been able to replicate it. I can't remember what I did!

The videos are very helpful, although the written instructions could be a bit more detailed with respect to timing. Most of the techniques aren't really applicable to a live game, but the ones used for gaining extra height are, like the vertical jumping. I'll likely try harder to master everything when L4D 2 comes out, in case they've tweaked the mechanics significantly.

Oh, Versus Mode on the foggy freeway level ...

Not exactly a great player at the controls though.

You were NOT kidding! That was very frustrating to watch and I'm normally very tolerant of novices. Why on earth didn't he or she test out the new infected more(s)?! And that bit where he/she had 5-10 sections to do an easy, point-black pounce and instead waited to try and slash the player a few times in the face.....gnnnnnarrrrrrr!

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Yes! I was just looking on a few other sites to see if they had been leaked but hadn't checked that site yet. Spoilers be damned, I'm reading them! (well, I'll block out the accompanying pictures...)

[EDIT - So according to those, Realism mode is something you can switch on in addition to Expert mode, or whichever difficulty level, rather than a separate difficulty mode itself.

Spoilery-achievement talk:

Kill a tank with melee weapons! Well, you could game that by just striking the final blow. Or maybe it's over 50% total damage via melee weapons.

The 'CL0WND' achievement is GENIUS!

Looks like the Realism mode achievement for beating one campaign with it on is going to be the hardest. Overall, they look easier than L4D achievements.


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What the dickens, wonder how this mechanic will work then. :S

Revive 10 dead Survivors with the defibrillator.

Apparently it replaces your health kit, while adrenaline can go in the pills slot.


bile bomb

sounds brilliant. So presumably if you hit a tank with it

the horde starts beating it to death? Amazing if so! Or maybe they just slow him down til he kills them?

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Left 4 Dead 2 boycotters bottle it:

Initium, ad Finem

posted by Agent of Chaos @ 05:08AM on October 14, 2009

Agent of Chaos:

We have accomplished everything we can on our manifesto. We’ve been dealing with Valve ever since our group started, then we met them in-person and now we’re at the point of concluding our discussions. Our goal wasn’t to steer people away from L4D2, it was to get Valve’s attention and have them support original L4D. We succeeded and that’s where our mission ends; nothing more or less.

The recently released Crash Course was just the start. Future updates will continue to roll in, and 4v4 matchmaking is first in line. Valve has confirmed to us that it’ll be available before the release of L4D2. Also don’t forget, we have another DLC pack confirmed for sometime in the near future and of course, there will be bug fixes. This is as good as it can get people.

As for Left 4 Dead 2 we are all aware it expands on L4D’s gameplay and takes it to the next level. Its successful sales only confirm that we’ll get to slaughter more zombies in future, not that we have failed. We understand some of you have a problem with its price tag. Personally, I’m quite surprised with the discount on pre-orders; A 4 Pack bundle brings it down to only $33.75 for each person. I see many people took advantage of this including "boycotters", but to be honest that’s a fair price. In other words, that’s what expansions cost. You can’t blame them for making this decision. Not everyone shared the same thoughts here.

Walking_Target and I have made a decision. I’ll let him to continue…

Walking_Target :

As Agent has said, we have reached a decision about this boycott.

Effective Wednesday October 21st 2009 at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, this group will be closed.

People have lost sight of why we're here. The comments are always full of trolls, people bashing Valve and phishers. What is more, people are unwilling or unable to wait for Valve to follow through in any cohesive way. Valve is at least trying to make things right, there will be speed bumps on the way, however we will get there. Even if it is not as quickly as we would like. The boycott has served its purpose and it is now up to you all as individuals to decide what is right for you.

As a collective we have done more than achieve a few goals, we have paved the way for Developer-Community relations in the future. No matter what the press or other gamers say, we have made an indelible mark upon the future of this industry. You should all be proud, we certainly are.

Agent and I would like to invite you to follow us in our future endeavours.

You can find me at http://www.thecriticalgamer.net providing the gaming community with another outlet and

Agent at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/junglecrisis hard at work with what promises to be an epic L4D campaign.

Semper ad Meliora

- Agent of Chaos and Walking_Target

Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/L4D2boyco...356134662203323

Altogether now: :) :) :)

The comments on that post are equally hilarious at times.

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Further to Sarge's post on the last page, here's the *360* demo info for non-preorderees...

Pre-order demo access: 27th October (GAME orders only)

Gold member demo access: 3rd November

Silver member access: 10th November

Game released: 20th November.

And the final piece of the demo puzzle...

PC owners win, as the pre-order (Steam, participating retailers) demo goes live on 27th October, with open access following on 3rd November.

The Left 4 Dead 2 demo offers gameplay from The Parish campaign. Up to four people can play, with two-player split-screen an option on Xbox 360. The PC version will be playable online or through a local network. All of the new boss Infected and melee weapons are present in the demo.


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