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Left 4 Dead 2


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Not sure if the details of realism mode were ever posted but it's news to me:

Realism Mode, said Swift, is for advanced players only, a way to make the game more interesting for players who don’t feel challenged by the expert difficulty level.

Turning on Realism turns off the glow that normally haloes players and special infected creatures. “Communication becomes really important,” said Swift. “Players need to stick together.”

The game is designed such that getting separated from the three other survivors is life-threatening. The glow normally helps players find their way back to the group, or helps find team members who may be incapacitated. Swift said that when players need help in Realism Mode, they need to be able to accurately and clearly describe where they are in the game environment so that the other players can locate them.

Health and items “don’t glow until you are right on top of them,” said Swift, which means that while regular gameplay might involve dashing from one safe area to another, in Realism Mode searching and exploration are essential to survival.

Swift said that Realism Mode also affects damage, so chest shots on the infected are not as effective, and players need to make head shots. “Just like in the movies,” added Valve’s Yasser Malaika as his Left 4 Dead 2 character killed a zombie that was about to finish off my character.

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Tell us more!!

Does it feel much different to the first one?

It obviously has the same mechanic, but the daylight setting is awesome and some nice touches, like muzzle flash off the weapons.

The headshots with the sniper rifle actually make you feel a bit ill, it's truly horrible with chunks of brain and skull exploding, satisfying as you like mind. Targeting limbs is awesome and the ragdoll physics are exceptional now.

I think the default is on normal, but the new enemies are ace! The jockey is a cheeky fucker who jumps on your back and rides you off, and the new infected bio suit guys take a few headshots to go down.

Some interesting stuff such as Boomer bile which makes the zombies attack each other, a difribulator which brings a teammate back from the dead will be mad handy.

Its more of the same but with your wish list all ticked, the weapons are absolute class and although I have seen some melee stuff such as th Katana and frying pan I havent played them yet.

much much better than I had hoped

oh yeah the banter between the team mates is awesome!

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