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Left 4 Dead 2


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I actually prefer beign a surivivor in versus, because you're basically guaranteed to all get fucked, and the specials just keep on coming forever and it's brilliant when you're the only one left fighting off the horde trying to madly dash to the safe room with a frying pan and your adrenaline shot.

Also you can do some brilliant stuff, like at the start of the 4th level of hard rain there's an ace spot near the start to hide as a boomer, and the first thing i did when we left the safe house was to run down there, punch the guy who was a boomer, and then destroy him before he could do anything, and I like to think he was mildly annoyed by that.

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Just had an awesome versus session with some regs I play with on live. We were playing Dead Centre and on the first level, when it was our turn as infected, we managed to incap the entire survivor team before they got out of the first corridoor from after the start point. All 4 of them then proceeded to rage quit. We were laughing about that for ages.

I absolutely adore playing as a spitter, so much fun waiting for someone to go and pick up and incapped player only to gob all over them.

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Did you get footage of my ridiculous death on stage 3? That deserves immortalisation, you infected were devious bastards.

Consider it immortalised!

I managed to get the .dem file working in the end. Here is the madness in all its glory:

Click the direct link and then HD for 720p:

I'll try and get videos from the rest of that match up at some point.

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