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Cool :) I won't be on til later mind, but if you're still playing I'll jump in.

there is an rllmukL4D2 gamertag, doesn't seem to be widely uses though. I think Orionxx (something like that) is the owner, be worth PM'ing him if you send it a friend request so he knows to log in and check it.

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Been playing a lot o' advanced realism. It's very nice indeed. Just on the level of doable. Played through Swamp Fever with some Russian dudes and I was showboating. Everyone would get knocked down and I'd pop out of the bushes like some legendary zombie murderer, save somebody and then vanish off back through the bushes to save somebody else. At one point a tank took down the whole team, I lit that motherfucker on fire, blasted it a few times with a grenade launcher, lit it on fire again after it went for a little swim in the swamp and then finished it off with an axe.

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I'll be on again tonight; might be playing mw2 if no-one's around, but I'll drop that for an l4d2 invite ;)

Alas, I was out until late.

The other night was actually the first time I'd played Scavenge mode, I knew it was good, but I didn't realise it would be that good. :lol:

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Scavenge mode is brilliant. It does have the side-effect that if you spend too long playing it, going back to campaign feels like a new game again! Which is good, so I'm always happy to take a trip through a campaign or two with newbies.

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The Passing DLC - Impressions & Video Demo

n terms of chronology, The Passing fits in right between the Dead Center and Dark Carnival. In other words, it's set in those moments after the survivors make off with a racecar from the shopping mall, and before it gets stuck in traffic on a crowded, slightly zombie-infested freeway. The big selling point in this DLC is that you'll run into the survivors from the original Left 4 Dead. You run into them at the beginning, then once again at the very end when they actually jump into combat with you and help out with the big last stand.

Two new weapons have been introduced to the game in The Passing. One is the M60 machine gun, which is far more powerful than even the M16 or desert rifle. How powerful is this thing? Well, fire up your old friend Google and most of the pictures you'll find are soldiers lying prone with the bipod legs out to minimize recoil. Yep, it packs quite a punch. Now imagine that sort of firepower directed at a wave of the infected, or directly at a Tank's face, and you've got yourself a good idea of this new special weapon. Also in the The Passing is a new golf club melee weapon, but unfortunately that one wasn't in the build we got to play.

The other new gameplay features is an uncommon common called the Fallen Survivor. As you'll recall, the uncommon common are those zombies who were slightly more powerful or annoying than ordinary zombies--ones like the guy wearing a heavily armored SWAT team suit, or an infected clown whose squeaky shoes would attract a horde if you didn't kill him off quickly. The Fallen Survivor is essentially what you or your teammates would turn into if they weren't magically immune to the infection. Basically, it's a zombie equipped with all the gear you're capable of carrying. Guns, med kits, bile venom--you name it, it's on the zombie. They're not a huge threat since they'll usually take off running (in typical survival fashion) but if you can track them down and put them out of their misery, you might find some very useful supplies.

One of the greatest features in both Left 4 Dead games was the survivor dialogue. Whether it was the biker Francis rattling off a list of the things he hates, Louis telling Bill that struggling up the stairs is a good workout, or Ellis recounting stories of his buddy Keith trying to deep fry a turkey, there's always been a wealth of hilarious dialogue in the game. Fortunately, we'll be hearing a lot of new material in The Passing, including Francis' new pet peeves, and maybe even a few things that he likes.


Video Demo


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'The Passing' DLC in March, L4D1 tie-in DLC to follow

So what's the appropriate greeting for when you pass another survivor in the zombie apocalypse? We'll find out next month, when Valve plans to release the first Left 4 Dead 2 DLC campaign, "The Passing," on Xbox 360 and PC. The Passing will feature non-playable appearances by the original Left 4 Dead cast (those shadowy figures in the background there), who will aid L4D2's four survivors during the third act of the new campaign, which is set in rural Georgia.

Not one to leave holes in a good story, Valve will explain the original survivors' frantic journey to Georgia by way of -- yes, it's really happening -- a new DLC add-on for Left 4 Dead 1 (not compatible with L4D2). No additional details were provided about the upcoming L4D1 DLC by Valve at X10 today, but it will follow the release of The Passing campaign and a digital comic (illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming) that will tie together the two DLC stories.

Additionally, Valve confirmed that The Passing will also include new arenas for Survival, Versus and Scavenge modes, and a new co-op challenge mode. Players will also encounter a new "uncommon common" infected, dubbed the Fallen Survivor, which can drop random items when killed. The Passing is currently on track for a "late March" release.


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