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Left 4 Dead 2


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^Yeah it's like that. I got rid of the first one and then also the second after hammering them on their release...gonna pick up the original again Today. Hopefully it's nice and cheap, I seem to remember it clinging onto rrp for an eternity on the High Street.

Both of them can be grabbed for about £10 each now, if you know where to look.

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Was the opposite for me and L4D2 was updating but not 1, restarted Steam and both updating now, says the L4D2 update is about 3.5gig. For anyone who hasn't got them yet Steam has them on offer at the moment, L4D1 is £4.41 L4D2 £5.09 or both for £7.81.

Well, bugger. I already own them both on 360, but how am I meant to turn down an offer of £7.81? Guess it's time to check out some fan campaigns. :)

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Does anyone know how the dual game thing works on 360? Will it just work with both games, or is it seperate downloads for both games? And if so isn't that monumentally shit since you'd need to buy the fucker twice to play it on Left 4 Dead 1?

No idea yet, but I'm sure Valve wouldn't do something quite that shit.

But god damn you Valve and your goddam Valve Time!


We have released the Sacrifice for Left 4 Dead on the PC, for Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC and Mac. It will be released later this evening on the Xbox 360.
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A word of warning to 360 owners, both versions of the DLC are glitched to all holy fuck. People on other forums are reporting no-clip problems, AI scripting bugs that stop progress, spawn glitches in versus, graphic glitches and even that playing it resets all achievement progress to 0 (including Zombie Genocidest in L4D1, some people have gone from 40,000 odd kills down to 1).

Play at your own risk.

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