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As I've paid absolutely no attention to this Animal game, tell me, do the animals age or are you stuck with a creepy kitten/puppy/whatever forever? If they do age, can they die? Could I switch the 360 on one morning to be presented with a dead kitty covered in maggots?

I feel this is vital information on whether I buy Kinect.

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Nope, the way this game has been marketed so far seems to be giving the impression that it's a sim/pet game. For one thing it has a story that you progress through the game to the 'end'. It's mainly mini games where you can naturally choose to play and bond with your tiger before moving onto the next game. Of course the whole playing/bonding thing isn't really that critical but am sure the right audience will love that, actually even us lot will enjoy playing/bonding as it's one of the more ambitious kinect launch games out there that demonstrates what the kinect is currently capable of.

I honestly think dancecentral, kinectimals and sports are the top 3 titles to showcase kinect.

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Everything about it is cringeworthy. :facepalm:

In the first ad she says "you don't have to do anything you don't already do" as the guy is breakdancing on the floor ffs.


This should be epic.

I doubt it'll actually do MS any harm- they launched an entire console as a massive lossmaking exercise, FFS- but I do think handfree control is a great idea, and if it goes all VirtualBoy on us we'll have decades to wait for anyone else to try it again.

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