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New Super Mario Bros. Wii


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"Novice Help/Super Guide" mode detailed

When you die more than eight times in a particular level, on the ninth try a special green block will appear at the start of the round. If you decide to "bonk" that block with your character, you will be asked if you want to enter the Super Guide for that level.

When activated, the game will change the main character to Luigi, and it will play in real time automatically -- each level has a special novice round recorded by someone on the development team. This playthrough will reveal certain special abilities, like the new addition of hitting a coin block ten times to send five more coins scattering. What these runthroughs won't show, however, is secret areas that are intended for pro players to find on their own.

At any time during the play, the gamer can take control of the Super Guide character, but the game will still feature the same overlay graphics to show that the level's being played in the "help" mode.

Miyamoto joked that he feels a bit of shame whenever the Super Guide block shows up in a level since it only appears when the player fails a certain amount of time. There will be a special icon awarded on the title screen to any player who beats New Super Mario Bros. Wii without revealing a single Super Guide block.


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Some new IGN videos as well.


Pretty sweet Koopa Kids remix, actually. It's great to see them return, I'm glad Nintendo brought them back instead up using the lame generic NSMB bosses, I forgot nearly all of them except the two Bowser fights. Speaking of Bowser, is he even in this? There hasn't been a single video, screen shot, or piece of CGI art showcasing him in this game. I take back pretty much all I said before, this looks pretty grand. The sound effects are extremely nostalgia and positively charming, that's one thing I'm happy they "reused" from previous Mario games, but I'm not crazy about the reused music (Which probably will only appear for the first 'Land', anyway), but the game looks just as fun as any Mario game I've played, hell, it'll probably be better than NSMB, which I wasn't crazy about in the first place.

This is sure to be quite fun, I'm actually pretty excited.

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Some of the 'skills' in that video make me think of Sonic 2. Does anyone remember seeing videos of how to do Emerald Hill 1 in 23 seconds? I think I saw someone do it on Gamesworld on sky or something like that.

It didn't seem like it would have been possible but by learning the physics and the level you could work it out such that timing a jump perfectly with a speed boost could mean bouncing off a TV so fast that you could go flying across most of the level. By learning from the guide and practicing I managed it and I was so made up that I'd done the impossible.

I got no patience to work at that nowadays though....

...But I think it's great game design if that sort of learning is possible.

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I hope this has the secrets of Mario World (obviously not the same secrets), NSMB DS didn't have the sprawling map of SMW, I having a feeling this is going to be a World 1,2,3 style map like the DS one, which is a shame, there was just something so great about the whole SMW map, the way the underground popped back up in areas throughout the map. The challenge of working out how to get to new areas that you could see. Not forgetting the baffling Choco Island routes.

I hope theres a good about of vertical to the levels too. Not sure how the flying mechanic will work in this, or how the multiplayer would handle it, but there's nothing I used to like more than soaring up in the air hoping to find a cloud or secret pipe in the sky.

NSMB DS felt a bit small in comparison to MB3 or SMW, with this being a big boys console game, I'm hoping for suitably big boy content. Lots of secret exits and level routes.

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It does look like it's really gone back to the "purity" of SMB 1, 2 (or Lost Levels) and maybe a little bit of 3 with the different worlds.

Watching those vids, it looks like it might be fantastic (but probably really frustrating- thank god they've got that new help system in place, my 8 bit pixel perfect jumping days are no were near as good!)

The only really downside is that the gfx are a bit poor, I wasn't a fan of the 2.5D approach of NSMB DS and comparing it to Wario Land The Shake Dimenson, it isn't exactly eye candy. I'm sure the gameplay will make up for it, but my fear is that the gfx will cause the game to not get the widespread attention it deserves. In saying that, the DS one didn't exactly not sell... :D

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I'd say anyone who was really into the 2D Mario games back in the late 80's early 90's could pull that kind of thing off.

Was thinking this exact thing. My brother worked out an infinite lives/points thing in SMW, long before any Youtube vids or magazine cheats about it.

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Are you talking about the silver coins on Vanilla Dome secret level... 3, I think?

The first forest one, I think. There's a halfway bit with some logs over a key exit, and a bunch of caterpiller baddies. You jump on one (on a Yoshi with a cape), hop onto the next, and then hop onto the third. They're all so spread apart that they turn back to yellow when you jump on another one, so the score can rank up beyond what numbers are avaiable.

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