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Your favourite video game music


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Apart from the spectacular misstep that is P Block / Do the Mario, I've always admired XOC's take on the music of Super Mario World. Here's a couple

Title Theme.

Vanilla Dome.

Castle Medley.

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Oh Tomb Raider - how we love thee. I remember when you were just an amazing game on my Sega Saturn that my Playstation owning mate couldn't play because it wasn't out yet. Before you were a phenomenon. I've been replaying Tomb Raider Anniversary on my 360 - still amazing.

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silent hill 2 : theme of laura

i love this, i remember leaving it on the title screen, going to make a brew then rushing back to the bedroom to find out what the music was. ace stuff.

king of fighters '99 : kyo's theme

most KOF music is great, but this is really epic. at 0:55 you really want to smack someone's head in.

great tune from shinobi, heard it first on the GG version, which is also ace. used to just let him stand there while the music played, and the batteries died. again.

megadrive sonic has tons of great tunes, but i think they did a cracking job with sonic 3d.

terminator from the mega cd, great side scroller made all the better by the music - this track is epic and mint and if there are any pennywise fans out there they will recognise the piano riff from unknown road used to great effect. tommy tallarico also did some other great games in this era- earthworm jim cd, and wild 9 were both brilliant as well.

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The greatest Japlish Singalong EVAH I am Impacto....

Everyone sing along....

**Ganbare SO Ganbare

Saa Goran Kumo no sukima kara Hora!

Miete kuru haruka sora no kanata

Tatoe tsumetai kaze ni sarasarete mo

Jibun-rashiku ikite yuku no ga ichiban

Da kara...

****Ganbare SO Ganbare

****Yume wa hitotsu ja nai sa

****Te wo nobaseba tsukameru yo Take a chance


Sawayaka na kimi no egao ga suki sa

Sono kimochi itsu mo wasurenaide

Ima mo dare ka ga doko ka de kimi wo matte 'ru

Onaji daichi onaji sora no moto de

Da kara...

Ganbare SO Ganbare

Michi wa hitotsu ja nai sa

Chiheisen no mukou made Try Again

Ganbare SO Ganbare


Kibou no hoshi mitsume Tabidatou yo


Da kara...

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Street Fighter Ex2 Plus Alpha - Before Moon

The highlight from an otherwise mediocre soundtrack, but easily one of my favourite pieces of Street Fighter music.

Manabu Namiki - Mushihimesama - Stage 1 music

The name Manabu Namiki isn't widely recognised even among the gaming cognoscenti, but he's responsible for some of the best game music of the past 20 years. See also: Battle Garegga and Dodonpachi

Castlevania Chronicles - Vampire Killer

My favourite version of Vampire Killer from my favourite Castlevania OST.

Panzer Dragoon Saga - Ecce Valde Gernerous Ale

I could've picked anything from the Panzer Saga soundtrack, and it'd still sound as awesome today as it did 11 years ago.

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I remember waiting around at the menu screen for about a minute every time I booted this game up just to listen to this. Lion King to the max.

Baba Yetu!! :)

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Every time I replay it, after the awesome intro, it's when THIS kicks in that I know I'm playing my fave Castlevania ever

You mean the best Castlevania ever. :)

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More C64 love


Crappy PS1 action RPG Soukaigi sported an excellent soundtrack from Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana). Boss fight music:

I'll refrain from spamming the thread with the entire catalog of Gradius music, but here's one:

Can't find C64 Thrust on YT :)

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I know I've already posted a Sonic tune, but I completely forgot about this one. An absolutely stunning track in an otherwise forgettable Sonic game:

Sonic 3d Blast (called Flickies' Island in the UK) - Panic Puppet Zone Act 1

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First some nostalgia:

Ocarina of time - Kokiri Forest

Best fight in the game:

Shadow of the Colossus - A Despair Filled Fairwell

Actually stands up as an amazing song regardless of videogame heritage:

Rika Muranaka - The Best Is Yet To Come

More Zelda:

Majora's Mask - Last Day

Rounded off with some Turrican 2:

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What is it about end credits music that's always so great?

Speaking of which, is Still Alive too obvious?

The end music was once upon a time the only real 'prize' you got for completing a game. I guess it's traditional you have a blinding tune at the end as a reward.

Which brings us to Still Alive? Yes - it's been a bit to overdone but it is a brilliant ending and ending tune to a great little game. I like it.

Did someone say Turrican 2?

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Awesome thread.

Sweet jesus.

I can still remember most of the words to that... probably still got the T-shirt somewhere too!

OutRun - hard to pick a favourite of the three main tunes. Probably Magical Sound Shower.

Magical Sound Shower:

Splash Wave:

Passing Breeze:

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