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Your favourite video game music


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Y'know, I never even owned a copy of this, I only played it a few times around a friend's house but that opening level theme has stayed with me ever since, I love it. At the risk of sounding like your grandad, things just haven't been the same since CDs took over...

This one's weird, it's so unlike anything else in the game and, despite accompanying the staff credits, it has a strangely melancholy air to it. Scamps around the campfire say Michael Jackson wrote it and later turned it into Stranger In Moscow...

Speaking of weird, here's everyone's favourite alchemists, Technosoft, once again making gold out of the leaden parts of the dear old Megadrive. Demented gothic rock opera to play pinball to.

Someone showed Desert Strike earlier, here's the similar and equally awesome opening theme to Jungle Strike. It really set the mood for what was to come, ie. near enough a dozen levels of all fucking hell breaking loose.

One of the comments put it best - the first time you hear this, it's an automatic "OH SHIIIII-". The mighty Bison is annihilated in a matter of seconds and a legend is born. Here come the drums, here come the drums.

So for this one you start the level at the end and are immediately thrown right to the start of the zone onto a platform hovering a few miles up above your hometown. You run around and realise there's only one thing you can do - make a leap of faith and trust that you'll be okay. You fall like a rock and disappear into some clouds...then the song soars and you with it. Jinkies, it's wonderful.

A strong opening, fades to a something of a background noise while you tear around the track like a madman then, just as you hit the tunnel and start flying downhil everything kicks in gloriously. Gosh I loved Type 4.


Nevermind the game's faults, this intro is just hands down one of my all time favourite gaming related moments. Hell, I can't even think of many films with a opening credits that left me so excited.

It's all about context. Picture the scene - you're at the bottom of an hostile alien installation, you've just found what you're after only to be told that dozens of enemy troops have arrived and are waiting for you on the levels above. Then *those* drums kick in, *that* guitar squeals and notice is served to each every one of those split-jawed alien motherfuckers - you've got 8 grenades, 4 rockets and a pistol and by God, that's all you need to beat the living shit out of them like the proverbial red-headed stepchild. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, boyeeeeeeeee. Ahem. All that said, overall I'd say the Arbiter's theme is the best piece of music in the entire series, it's a genuinely great piece that sums up the character perfectly.

Come on, there was no way I wasn't including this. The drums, the maracas and castanets rattling away like a bucket of angry vipers, the brass. Bliss.

But this is the one. The favourite, the one that warms the heart no matter what. It's a fairly ordinary tune truth be told but what it means, what it stands for...is something special that can never be replaced or recaptured. The best gaming time of my life. Here's to you, C-Mode Mofos. It's just been one long failed attempt to recapture the moment ever since.

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Picture the scene: you've turned from a downtrodden young boy, lusting after a girl you'll never get, into an intergalactic guitar warrior. You've battled demon babies, UFOs, a Jazz bee, had two bouts with an intergalactic shark, and then you crash land on a strange planet. You're greeted by a girl who looks just like your love interest, and you both sit down on the beach, by the fire. There's no transformation, no flashy effects, no battle. At this point, your character just sits down, next to the girl, and begins to play one of the nicest acoustic songs in gaming:

Gitaroo Man - Legendary Theme

The song ends with the girl falling asleep on your shoulder. A classic gaming moment.

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Persona 4, a piece of music used over the credits for the bad ending and in the final, final dungeon. Like the Persona 3 music I posted, I feel this music captures the emotional core of it.

(I'll stop now)

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I shouldn't even need to explain this one. Really relaxing, and yet oddly melanchony at the same time. Endless hours spent listening to this tune, exploring the environments as birdman was always my favourite part of the game. The graphics were pretty impressive at the time too.

Pilotwings 64 - Birdman Theme

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This thread's kept me up :D

Vagrant Story - Sanctum

You can pick just about any track from this title and hit on a winner. From being lost down in the oppressive depths underground, facing titanic beasts or obsessively crafting your next weapon, this game has the perfect backdrop. Here's a great contemplative moment.

Persona 4 - Reach Out To The Truth

I love it when games are so filled with childish glee, they make you feel twelve years old again. Despite being the random battle theme and hearing it start up like hundreds of times, I never got tired of this. One more time Persona 4 fans... :(

Dynamite Heddy - Danzen Dungeon

I bought this game when I found £20 in the street when I was young. Had no idea what it was like or who Treasure was. I picked this one tune out because it sounds reassuringly how you'd expect. Like a videogame.

Panzer Dragoon Zwei - Episode 3

If you could define a console by one single tune it hosted, this is the Sega Saturn. Team Andromeda :(

Over half an hour of PDZ music in one youtube link here. Glorious. :)

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Haven't seen these two and it's criminal that they haven't been posted

FF 8 opening theme

FF 7 One winged angel

To many KOTOR music themes to put for KOTOR so i'll just slam this one up

KOTOR 1 Sith lord theme

This next one for me is probably my favourite because it's the song the mandalorian commandos taught the clones to sing when training them so they carried a bit of the Mando culture with them even if they didn't know where it came from.

Vode An

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Streets Of Rage 2, you could post the whole soundtrack, it's technotastic! One of my favourite soundtracks ever. This ones "expander", probably my favourite, stage 7-2. KICK. FACES!

Fuck, you're not wrong. SoR2 had proper awesome music. I think I heard the music guy was introduced to this type of music when he took a trip to London not long before he made the game, he loved it so much he put it in. My personal favourite:

(Why were you fighting an alien anyway?)

Not really proper music but the Resi games had some great ambient tracks.

This one when you get down into the labs in Resi 1:

Freaked me right out when I was 12! If it all got too much you could always head to the safe room:

A disconcerting as it is soothing. This one might be my favourite though. When you first get into the main hall in Zero, and this starts playing. Love that ominous, pulsating bass.

Few others, this one pops into my head from time to time. Goldeneye Facility:

SSBM menu music. I refused to play the game with the alternative menu music, it felt like half a game when you didn't have this in between fights:

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Carrier Command - I think all versions came with a cassette tape of a weird synth track which is oddly haunting.

Can't find it as a track on YouTube, so you'll have to skip to 7m30s to hear a snippet:

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The Tomb Raider, FF Tactics and Shadowman themes are just wonderful. :D

An unconventional one this, from the most misunderstood Castlevania ever. The theme tune is beautiful.

Why hasn't this been posted already!?! :)

Aaaand Kurikinton Fox provides the definitive version of Final Fantasy V's Clash on the Big Bridge, a.k.a. Gilgamesh's theme. Absolutely brilliant.

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Sorry for the Nintendo-focus, they're the ones which come most easily to me. Included Gerudo Valley and Athletic because they're breezy, catchy tunes par excellence. I'm not the biggest fan of Smash Bros as a game but they have some cracking versions of Nintendo tunes, particularly turning Luigi's whistling from Luigi's Mansion into some orchestral epic. And finally the end credits music from Mario Kart 64 and Mario 64 just because they sound oddly mournful and sad for such games and they bring back a lot of memories.

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Streets Of Rage 2, you could post the whole soundtrack, it's technotastic! One of my favourite soundtracks ever. This ones "expander", probably my favourite, stage 7-2. KICK. FACES!

Yuzo Koshiro's work on The Super Shinobi and the original Bare Knuckle also have some really great tracks on them :)

For anyone interested in what he's been upto more recently, check out the soundtrack to Maximum Tune 2, seems he's into trance these days.

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I love the epic introduction to Radiant Silvergun's End Boss Xiga. The music just fits his epic opener rising out of a nuclear explosion :)

Edit: Multiple videos in one posts makes my computer chug hard :lol: Knock it off you lot :)

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