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Your favourite video game music


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Surprised this hasn't made the thread yet. It's from Destiny 2's Deep Stone Crypt Raid.



A wonderful piece of music, and it kept me sane during my studies in the summer for a really tough exam.

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On 26/10/2019 at 17:46, Isaac said:

I may have already posted this, but there is a guy on YouTube who rearranges genesis music who is an absolute wizard with the YM2612 chip. 


Listen to his rearrangement of the Golden Axe theme:



It's even better than the arcade version.

Death Adder's music is killer in GA.



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The whole soundtrack slaps but these two are quite simply bangers (youtube comments are full of spoilers)




honestly if you haven't played the games yet but are intending on it, I wouldn't even listen to them cos when they first kick in they're pretty hype moments.

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I know this is from another retro game, but the quality on offer here deserves to be in this Discussion thread too.  Has probs been posted before too but I wanted it heard.  :)
Very adept technically - perhaps the best on a consumer Megadrive game - and the composition is nothing to sneeze at either.


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