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Light trails


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I've done quite a lot of these but nothing as good as the plane taking off in the OP.



And, these are just done by putting the cam on a tripod in the back of the car and keeping the shutter open a long time.




Same technique



Need to get out and do more of these but it's the wrong time of year really as it's still light so late.

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And, these are just done by putting the cam on a tripod in the back of the car and keeping the shutter open a long time.

How do you stop it from over exposing?

How long is long? 1 second? more?

Sorry, daft quaestions but full manual mode is still a scary place for me!

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My car shot is as follows:

Exposure: 8 sec

Aperture: f/11

ISO Speed: 100

The key to doing it well is a very smooth road (which I didn't have, hence the blurry dash) and some pretty lights overhead. As it's dark you wont over expose anything other than the lights themselves but that's kind of the thing you are trying to do. When you do a night shot in the dark you can leave the shutter open for AGES before you overexpose anything other than lights. To answer more simply though, close the aperture down to allow longer shutter speeds, you can practice the exposure in a stationary car under similar lights to see if the dash etc looks right and then take it on the road.

A remote shutter release or an assistant is a must though I'd say, pretty dangerous trying to drive and use the cam.

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Did these a couple of years back.





Looking back, I'm not very fond of them...but I do remember being really happy at the time. This means I need to make some new shit, pronto.

Those are great

Here are a couple my friend took of me, using a PSP to provide the lighting. Looking back, I think the second one is a phone or a GBA, can't remember now. I've cropped them from the originals, so any poor composition is me, not him.



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