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Return of the rllmuk poker league

Billy Brown

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As promised, here's the new table:

1. pompey88 (22 points)

2. Dazza (16 points)

3. ThreeBs (12 points)

4. Chaz (11 points)

5. Billy Brown (9 points)

6. sithlordx (9 points)

7. Razzle (8 points)

8. Bibly (8 points)

9. Commander Jameson (6 points)

10. mayor_mike_haggar (6 points)

11. Stifler (5 points)

12. tonymg (5 points)

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I think the tournament's already set up - I'm sure I set it up after last week's.

I don't know if I'll be there tomorrow or not. I fly back from London at 6pm, so I might just sign up for it and, if I don't make it back in time, so be it. I should at least get to it before I'm blinded out. And I must make up for last week's embarassing performance!

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Yep, as Commander Jameson says tonight is week four of 10 and if you can play from tonight you'll not be at any disadvantage. If you can't make it tonight/over the next few weeks then the next season will be a couple of months away.

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my laptop decided to kick the bucket at the weekend, so I'm out of this for the time being. Can't set up the tourneys either, for obvious reasons.

Good luck all.

Oops, missed this before now. Sorry to hear that and hope you're back soon.

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Looking forward to tonight - I've been off work sick the past few days so a good game is just what I need :blush:

Whatever happened to the old Jesse May account by the way? It'd be good to have the new league table updated in the thread along with the old scores.

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Second poor performance in a row from me (although this time, it was more my fault than it was just some unfortunate luck)! Totally overplayed AKs pre-flop against Fondue. Really should have been able to get away from that without doubling him up.

I'll post the new table tomorrow. Needless to say, pompey's still in first place, with me, CJ and Billy in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively, a point seperating each of us.

EDIT: Oh, and congrats to CJ!

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Okay, it seems Dazza misunderstood the scoring system slightly when he updated the table over the last couple of weeks so I've double checked everything is up to date -- the below table is correct.

Another great game this week, and things are really hotting up. poompey88 says he's going to be away for a few weeks soon, but does it matter when he stands proudly top of the table with almost double the points of Dazza in second place? And after two weeks of dejection going out first each time, Commander Jameson storms from nowhere into third place with two top-two finishes over the last couple of weeks. It's looking very tight from Dazza downwards, but with pompey absent for a while it's all to play for over the coming weeks.

Week 4 result

1. Commander Jameson 10pts

2. pompey88 8pts

3. Billy Brown 6pts

4. Fondue 5pts

5. Stifler 4pts

6. Poet 3pts

7. tonymg 2pts

8. Dazza 1pt

9. Chaz

10. sithlordx

Overall table

1. pompey88 30pts

2. Dazza 17pts

3. Commander Jameson 16 pts

4. Billy Brown 15pts

5. ThreeBs 12pts

6. Chaz 11pts

=7. sithlordx 9 pts

=7. Stifler 9pts

=9. Bibly 8pts

=9. Razzle 8pts

11. tonymg 7pts

12. mayor_mike_haggar 6pts

13. Fondue 5pts

14. Poet 3pts

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That's the exact same table I have! In the chatbox, I thought you were saying that first place gets 8 points! Whereas you thought I was saying that the top 10 get points.

Don't worry, it's all under control!

Ah, I see! Oh well, doesn't hurt having us both keeping a record.

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