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Return of the rllmuk poker league

Billy Brown

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I'd be more than happy to throw in a few quid for an overall prize.
I'd be happy to stick in a fiver or something towards a prize. can just transfer the money over stars i guess.

Anyone else? If we can get everyone to chuck in $5 or $10 via PokerStars then we could get a nice pot going for the end of the league. I'm happy to go with the majority.

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Hey guys, just realised I had a PM about this 2 weeks ago, any chance I can get in on the action? :)

Absolutely, would be great to have you on board. We played Game 1 of 10 last night, but we're only using people's top seven finishes towards the final table, so you haven't really missed out too badly.

Games will be on Wednesday nights at 9pm on PokerStars. All the relevant information should be in the first post, but give me a shout if you have any questions.

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Just had a thought. We may want/need to delay the start of this week's game if there is a 1 vs 100 game on that night. Maybe start at 9:45?

The ones that are on during next week are only "Extended Play" sessions. No prizes, no Mob, no The One - it's just a quiz with everyone playing against each other for fun. So not really worth delaying the game for! Not that I'd have any particular objection to delaying it, though.

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My Internet connection at home is absolutely fucked, so unless I get it sorted before tomorrow, I'm not gonna be able to defend my title. :)

EDIT: Oh wait, I just realised something! If I don't get the connection sorted, I can use tethering on my iPhone to connect! Hurray!

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