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Comfort TV/Films

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Inspired by my books thread in A&L (sorry!) I was wondering what TV/Films you watch for that easy on the eye' effect that a familiar series/film has...

For me it's probably Morse or the classic Granada Sherlock Holmes - both are masterpieces in their own way (Morse is a cross-section of 90s TV and Brett's Holmes is rivetting and will probably never be bettered).

Film-wise, I have to break-out things like LA Story and Galaxy Quest from time to time (the latter is a particularly enormous work of joy!)

What makes you warm and fuzzy then? :ph34r:

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Yep Arrested Development and Friends.

See if I'm having lunch and want to stick something on to watch, either one of those two is perfect.

For films, it would be Ghostbusters and Stand By Me. With Stand By Me, I just love to sing along to the amazing soundtrack.

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If I'm ill and got the day off work I stick on a star trek film (or good 2-parter) because I'm a big ol' nerd and it's the only time I get to watch them now the missus lives with me.

I flip coins to decide which it will be.

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Band of Brothers - I can quite happily watch the whole series, back to back. I'll shed a little tear when some characters die, when they find the concentration camp or at the end, but that's all good when I've got a hangover...

Shaun Of the Dead is a good no-brainer RomZomCom for a lazy sunday as well...

For TV it's just about anything on Dave - I can watch the repeats of Top Gear and QI ad infinitum...

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Any Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes movies

Jason & The Argonauts (most things Harryhausen)

Dr Who and The Daleks / Invasion Earth 2150AD

Disney: Robin Hood, Sword In The Stone, Jungle Book and Aladdin

Breakdance, Singin' In The Rain, Oliver, Chitty Chitty, Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder anything), Slapshot, Die Hard (my official b'day movie), Dead Of Night, Blues Bros, Home Alone, After Hours, Uncle Buck, Planes Trains, Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Rocky III/IV, Highlander, WarGames, Last Dragon, Karate Kid 1/2, Do The Right Thing, Jaws, Superman 1/2/3, Gremlins, BTTF2, Raiders/Temple, Ghostbusters etc (all the usual 70's/80's blockbustery-stuff)

The Making Of: (any Speilberg/Lucas movie), Laurel & Hardy shorts, Rising Damp, Roseanne (Series 1/2/3), Father Ted, Cheers, Frasier, Charlie Brown, Dr Seuss cartoons, Looney-Toons and Classic Tom & Jerry.

Does the weather affect other peoples viewing? thinking about it some faves are strictly Winter some are Summer.

Great thread.

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I can happily sit through any edition of Top Gear.

The last 3 episodes of season 2 of The West Wing (Bartlett's MS reveal)

The Great Escape and Midnight Run are great for a wet Sunday afternoon.

Watch the Lost episode "The Constant".

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a great one.

Oh and Commando :ph34r:

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Band of Brothers. I can happily sit back and watch the entire series and get wrapped up by every incident in it over and over again.

Top Gear & Frasier too. I've seen the episodes numerous times, but I can happily watch them over and over again.

As for films anything from the Back to the Future trilogy, the Indiana Jones films (bar the latest travesty) and the Rocky or Rambo films. Oh and any Mel Brooks film, and anything with Richard Prior or Chevvy Chase in it.

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i have watched Garth Marenghi's Dark Place countless times, i never get bored of it - it's just so complete and a perfect recreation of 80's television. be it the technically inept camera work, the re-recording of the audio so it's out of sync with the visuals, the ham-fisted acting or just Sanchez chewing the scenery. if i have 30 minutes to kill, i'll stick it on.

same with The Thick Of It, never fails to be anything less than enjoyable every time i watch it.

as for films, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the perfect nonsense movie. 90 minutes of dick and fart gags , along with Eliza Dushku in skin tight PVC. Mallrats is my real favourite Kevin Smith flick, but Jay and Silent Bob is the one i stick on when i need to veg out for a while.

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