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Photo Competition - June 2009


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Below are the entries for this month's competition. The theme for June was Trapped in Mirrors. Great choice of theme this month.

Voting Rules

Please vote for your THREE favourite photographs by quoting their numbers and the names of the forumites who took them.


1st - 4. FishyFish

2nd - 1. MrPogo

3rd - 13. vamecum

Your first choice gets three points, your second choice gets two points, your third choice gets one point.

Voting closes at 11pm on Monday 6th July. The winner gets to choose July's subject, so have a think about what you might pick if you win, that way we can kick the next contest off as soon as voting ends.

1 - Playdoh


2 - Dapple


3 - mercenarri


4 - The-Pope-Smokes-Dope!


5 - sidewaysbob


6 - Chopsocky


7 - PeteJ


8 - Exidor


9 - Joj


10 - rev-happy performance


Good luck everyone.


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Some great entries this month but congratulations to Exidor. Final results:

1. Exidor - 26

2. Joj - 23

3. mercenarri - 21

4. Dapple - 16

5. rev-happy-performance - 14

6. Playdoh - 12

7. PeteJ - 6

8- The-Pope-Smokes-Dope! - 2

9. Chopsocky / sidewaysbob - 0


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Arhh! And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling Legos!

No but seriously, cheers for the votes guys. Really chuffed with that, as I'm a total shameful rookie when it comes to this photography stuff. Very encouraging :lol: .

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