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Amazing Cartoon Intros


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I was very very very fortunate as kid because I grew up watching some really fantastic animations. I have never seen or heard of almost any show posted on this thread, which makes me feel a little weird. Here some of what I grew up watching:

UFO Robo Grendizer was one of the first things I ever remember watching, I must've been about 3 or 4 back when it was aired.

Lady Oscar was something I would eagerly wait every day, 4 pm. It still holds actually, I watched it again a couple of months ago and the story is really nice.

Combattler V was, through out my childhood my favourite mecha show. The plot is quite silly, looking back, but there were some very dramatic moments.

Daddy long legs. Very nice story, what I remember of it. So dramatic sometimes.

One of the BEST intro music you will ever hear. Captain Tsubasa, I remember when it was on, no kid would be on the street. And after watching it we would rush to the play grounds and pretend each one of us is Tsubasa ;)

Again, a very early show that I remember nothing of but the music. Intro was quite good. I remember it used to scare the living shit out of me.

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How many times has Heathcliff been posted now?

I was too young to have seen the old felt Moomins, I'm sure it would have scared me shitless had I seen it though. The cel animated Moomins I would watch on BBC2 was scary enough! I'm going to post the Japanese opening because the English one was mostly just cut up bits from different episodes and I like the song on this one a lot more..though I'm oddly really attached to the English voices.

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Does this count?

Do you mean

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