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RPL Athletic - Dressing Room

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It's been an iffy week, so I don't really know who I have available, but here's what I was thinking.

4-1-2-1-2 with full-backs running up and down, and a CDM filling in gaps.

RB: hereticboy

RCB: Tomox

LCB: Petey

LB: hereticboy

RM: hereticboy

CDM: Billy Brown

CAM: hereticboy

LM: hereticboy

CF: Vinnie

ST: Mike

Is about it, right? That's assuming Pete and Billy are available. I don't actually know when we're starting, so yeah.

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Ah okay, I assumed you wouldn't want to play since Tom's working :(.

Yeah mate, you can have the CAM if you fancy. Who do you want?

Edit - Billy, you'll fill in for Petey in the first game (if your cup game doesn't go to a replay). If both Petey and Billy are unavailable, then I'll take three of the defence and push Tomox to a full back :).

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As I said earlier I can't make this week, so I'll leave Craig to sort you all out is he doesn't mind?

I'm also jetting off to Corfu for two weeks, in about two weeks so will also miss the end of the season, again I'll leave you in capable hands of Craig if he's okay with it. Another scouting trip for next season!

This weeks doodle


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You have the midfield, Chris!

At the minute it's looking like this!

RB - Billy Brown

RCB - Mike

LCB - Me

LB - Vinnie (stay in line, you wee bastard! :))

Midfield - Chris (You'll have Lampard as DMF too, so make sure you don't run him out of position too much please :))

CF - Tom

ST - Petey

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Athletic Manager Pompey88 resigns after four years in charge


Pompey88 has resigned as manager of Athletic and has left the club in the hands of Assistant Manager hereticboy. Pompey has enjoyed four succesful seasons at the club in which Athletic haven't finished below third in his command. He also led them to win the title unbeaten in his second year. "It's been a tough decision, I've fallen in love with this club and especially the players. I'd like to apologise for not being as devoted as I would have liked to have been this season, and I feel a new look is needed for both me and club. I'm sorry that players such as Petey, Amby, Vinnie and Billy didn't get to see the best of me and that I didn't have long enough to work with them but they're a good bunch of guys."

Pompey leaves Athletic sitting in third in the table in a difficult season, "I'm going to concentrate on my playing days at the moment, I hope the new manager Hereticboy has me in his plans as Athletic is in my blood. He'll be a great Manager and I just hope he tries to keep everyone together. What ever happens though I've got very fond memories of the past four seasons, I'll be back."


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