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RPL Athletic - Dressing Room

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Great stuff guys. Craigs formation REALLY worked. More of the same until the season is finished! Sorry for the greedyness in the second, sorta rabbit in the headlights moment.

It was all Mike's idea. I just moved a person or two around. We only played that formation because we had a few people out. It was conceived when we had six players, you see. We'll probably be 4-1-2-1-2-ing it for the rest of the season. Maybe a 4-2-2-1-1 in future every now and then, though.

Well played, lads. Good to see us creating and putting away chances, despite not having a midfield. I think we need to work on keeping calm under pressure though. The end was horrifying because everybody was just running around :).

Mike, for entering two Anys, do I give the ratings for each player twice, or should I just record half of them as you, and half as me?

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Good performances from everyone last night chaps.

We did start to fall apart towards the end of both matches, but we were leading so it's not a shock that the opposition would pile on the bodies. The times Petey stayed on the last defender to give us an outlet to hoof the ball up to, helped relieve the pressure (as well as keeping the Rovers defenders honest).


Now he's found his feet, Petey has started to score goals. The number of chances he makes really means that if he misses, there is usually another chance 30 seconds later to try again. Quality.

Tom clearly enjoys being an attacking force rather than defensive, and teamed up well with his bro.

Billy and Amby had solid games, giving us much needed extra cover at the back.

Chris has had better games, but there were glimpses here and there!

Myself and Craig were constantly running around at the back, but somehow it worked out ok.

The title may be beyond us (we'd have to win every single match from here on in and hope City mess up a lot), but that 2nd place is certainly attainable.

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Right, lads. I'm not sure about praccy this week as we got such low numbers on the Doodle. I'm going to try to get on tonight at 10, though, so come along if you want and we'll try to practise as best we can, or at least have a bit of a fuck about. I'll announce tomorrow's team and formation either tonight, or some time tomorrow afternoon :lol:.

Edit - Joe, you haven't voted in the Doodle for tomorrow's game. Are you available for tomorrow?

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