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Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal"

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Just seen Going Postal and it's the first TV adaptation I really liked. It doesn't suffer from the same pacing issues as the other two and the casting was excellent. The back and forth dialogue between Moist and Adora Belle was fantastic. The new addition of the night hauntings was also pretty inspired with him seeing the results of his 'victimless' crimes.

And Charles Dance was perfect as the Patrician.

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  • 3 years later...

I watched it on US netflix, not sure it's still there.

Given all the mindboggling shite that gets turned into films these days, it always amazed me that the rich universe that is the Discworld never got a proper film treatment.

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Long ago, in the late '90s I think, I saw Paul Darrow of Blake's 7 play Sam Vines in a stage adaptation of Guards! Guards! It was surprisingly good from what I remember.

Oh yeah! I remember see that at the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh. It was fab!

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