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Can't follow the link as it's blocked by work's websense but either way, great work capone. From all of those posts of nonsense in an attempt to get to the magical 10,000 to this happening is brilliant.

I love the fact that Molyneux left the job as head of MS european games (or whatever the hell the title was - basically a Kinect pimp to all intents and purposes) and went on to do a gamejam with one of rllmuks own who spent the best part of a few years ribbing on him. Could only happen on the internet.

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Has your identity been leaked to the media yet Capone?

Some people have mentioned it in passing but never in a overblown way. If you were to dig around you would be able to find out, I just don't reveal my identity in interviews though or expose myself as I want people to think of molydeux as molydeux and not capone. Not that anyone would care about capone of course. Maybe I should rename myself to Molydeux and actually make out that I am actually that character and act like him forever.

Should look up #molyjam, quite funny. People posting about it and their ideas, one team is actually making a game called psycho baby. Someone has crafted the arms of a hell's angels biker onto a baby that you control, you don't have control of the arms only the baby. The biker is always trying to shoot/hurt people so you have to find ways of getting away from innocent people.

There are going to be over 200 games like this...

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"That guy is incredible by the way. He's incredibly talented, he's incredibly funny and he's right" Peter Molyneux on Capone Adam

With all this crazyness, this has to be the high point. Congratulations Adam.

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