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Age of Conan FREE Full Version @ EG (Inc 30 days free play)


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In case people hadn't noticed, Eurogamer are today giving away 1000 free keys to Age of Conan that entitle you to download the full game and play for 30 days.

As with all their giveaways you need to be registered with Eurogamer. As of 2.50pm (when I remembered to go retrieve a key) there were approx 250 of the 1000 left.

Age of Conan FREE from Eurogamer and Funcom

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AOC is £5 in the Direct2Drive 5-year-birthday sale thing - incl 30 days play - if anyone's keen (Also Eve and some other gubbins)

p.s. having sworn-off Funcom games after the horrors of AO (7 years ago and it still smarts!!) I finally caved and took-up the £5 offer.

13.2Gb at D2D's download speeds wasn't fun but it got there in the end and I was pleasantly surprised to find a game which actually works BETTER than WAR did (despite having higher sysreqs).

It's still got that awful Funcom UI tho - THAT font and THAT crappy textbox and the tips are crammed into a TINY box and... - you'd think they'd have learned something in 7 years :omg:

Smashing people in the face is FUN tho :omg:

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