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  • 2 weeks later...

So, have you all heard that new Miley Cyrus track Dooo It? I hadn't either until this remix by none other than R.A. the Rugged Man made me look it up. That's right, RA was inspired by Miley track and the result is pretty damn genius - he goes full Crustified Dibbs mode for this one and straight up calls out other rappers for being outdone by Miley in terms of pure rawness. RA goes hard!

Also, one of my favourite tracks from the Legends Never Die album finally got its well-deserved video and it's pretty great:

"For the video, I wanted to bring in graffiti, beatboxing, scratch vocals and just create a crazy weird animated hip-hop world," says the Rugged Man. "Kind'a like Mary Poppins in the 80's crack era." While the track may sound like it was blessed by a turntablist, R.A. reveals that no DJ was involved. "There are no scratches in the song," he explains. "That's Tom Thum, he's doing all the scratches with his mouth."

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So, what did my brothers think of 'Compton' then?

Have to say, I actually really enjoyed it. I know some of the darker shit was glossed over, and they portrayed themselves as just writing 'reality raps' (when really they were celebrating violence, homophobia and misogyny) - but damn - it was a really well told story with some fantastic performances.

My only criticism of it was how they took big liberties at the very start of the story (the bit that actually really interested me). I mean, they seemed to imply that the timeline went...

Eazy E releases 'Boyz in the Hood' -----> They then do 'Straight Outta Compton' with the money he made on it.

Sort of misses the whole first Eazy E album, NWA and the Possee etc. etc. - all prior to Compton.

Bit too tidy, but I guess the general audience wants something more straightforward.

Also finally saw Beats, Rhymes and Life. Fantastic rap documentary.

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Yeah in general I really enjoyed it but it was a bit cheesy.

And weird bits like Dre trying to get the notes right for a beat off the Chronic which was actually just a sample anyway. Why bother putting that in, it didn't happen and it doesn't further the plot.

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MED BLU MADLIB – Bad Neighbor

CD pre-order for October 30 release.
LP pre-order for December 1 release.

VINYL: 2LP + download card.
CD: 1 disc in digipack.

With 100% beats by Madlib, Bad Neighbor is the brainchild of MED, a long time collaborator, and Blu. The album is an exclamation point on the idea that began with The Burgundy EP, expanded to include MF DOOM, Aloe Blacc, Dam Funk, Mayer Hawthorne, Anderson Paak and Hodgy Beats.

1. Greetings
2. Serving, feat. Hodgy Beats
3. Peroxide, feat. Dam-Funk, DJ Romes
4. Get Money, feat. Frank Nitt
5. Streets, feat. Oh No, DJ Romes
6. The Stroll, feat. AMG
7. Knock Knock, feat. MF DOOM
8. Mad Neighbor
9. The Strip, feat. Anderson.Paak
10. Finer Things, feat. Likewise, Phonte
11. Burgundy Whip, feat. Jimetta Rose
12. Drive In, feat. Aloe Blacc
13. Belly Full, feat. Black Spade
14. Birds
15. The Buzz, feat. Mayer Hawthorne

Aye, that'll do nicely!

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