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But man, what a track. Ghostface killed that. I mean, he KILLED it. It really feels like he looked at the other dudes featuring on that track and went all in. Goddamn. Whole track is great of course, love the production work. RA and G Rap of course the other stand outs. 


@Camelthat OuterSpace track is crazy, love it. I'm always in for Rah Digga, but it's dope from start to finish.


2020 turning out to be a good year for hip hop at least :lol:

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On 26/04/2020 at 19:47, Camel said:

Only just listened to the RA album all the way through. Some absolute monsters on there. When is AFRO going to put out a proper album?

Afro been working on an album for years, in some of the live stream chats RA was having around the album release (gotta make the best of a shitty situation!) it was mentioned Lord Jamar, aka Eminem's biggest Stan, made a beat for Afro's album. Will probably be awhile before it's anywhere near finished. 


Ice T said it best in a live stream with RA: "man, everyone is rapping their ass off on your album homie!" As an aside, even with all the heavy hitters on the Slayers Club track, Ice killed it. Shows how much delivery counts over really complicated rhyme schemes.

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On 07/05/2020 at 21:39, Art Vandelay said:

That is so sad. Ty is such a don. All of albums still sound like they were made last week and he really was a cut above. He’s a massive loss.

Oh man, this is really sad, I was literally talking about Ty the other day. He lives a couple of miles from me. Only 47 years old too. Heres a fantastic track of his -




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