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This is Hip-Hop.


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I’m getting back into trying to sharpen my poor scratching skills, and of course it’s sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole of the masters for inspiration. This, for me, is the touchstone:



I remember Jeff Young playing a recording of this on his Radio 1 show back in the day, he said ‘get a tape ready because you will want to record this’, and I must have played that tape until it sounded as bad as the clip above. This is such a phenomenal set, there’s loads of stuff Swift does there that no-one had ever done before, it’s still incredible to me how amazing the technique is, but still playing a set that would have actually worked in a club...not often achieved at DMC.


This is even more impressive from a technical flare standpoint, but after the brilliant start it’s much less interesting as a set for me:



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On 28/08/2020 at 10:01, Mr. Gerbik said:

THIS is Hip-Hop:


"I see too many lies too much cap in America
I want to shield from it all, I need a Captain America
I want to break down the systems that we kept in America
Had to react to black people getting capped in America"



Love these guys. Amazing track.

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Dis dat fire:



That whole Black Noi$e album sounds bananas. Detroit producer, definitely got that raw electronic type sound like a J Dilla Ruff Draft type thing. Also reminds me of El-P era Cannibal Ox with the interesting weirdness. It’s called Oblivion and it’s recommended.



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I was listening to the excellent Ronnie Bosh album from last year and it was really bugging me: WHO does he sound like?


Then it came to me. Wordsmith, frequent collaborator of Genesis Elijah:



Who - it turns out - put out a new EP four years ago:



On Sika records. Which led me to Omus One who has just put out this:



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1 hour ago, Boozy The Clown said:



Album "Only for Dolphins" out on 25th.

This is pretty disappointing track. Nice idea but it sounds like someone added the beats in afterwards, there’s no connection with the rhymes at all.

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New PE. Sadly it's not quite Mike D and Ad Rock rapping on Public Enemy Number (W)on(e), but nice to hear their voices none the less.


George Clinton, Cypress Hill, DJ Premier, Run DMC, Nas, Black Thought and ?uestlove all feature at various points. Plus of course Flav is back.

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