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Thinking the other day that the Griselda-related releases just this year - including:


Armani Ceasar - The Liz

Westside Gunn - Pray For Paris

Conway - From a King to a God


Are all like 10/10 quality records.


It's like Wu Tang circa '95. Incredible on every front, impeccable guest spots, beat selections, album flow. 


Conway's 'Front Lines' might be the best anti police brutality song I've ever heard.


There are so many stand out moments from these guys these days. And I haven't even got around to the new Benny The Butcher LP.


It's a flood of solid crafted gold.



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Friendly Game of Baseball is an amazing track, it doesn’t relay on foul language to put its point across like many other songs on the subject and because of that, it comes across as a far more intelligent and thoughtful piece of music.


Also Breaking Atoms is such an overlooked album and is probably the most influential hip-hop record of the whole decade.

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As the guy earlier I'm completely out the loop these days and admittedly for the last 10 years. So when I discover a whole album by one of my favourite rappers (Goretex of Non Phixion ) and it really delivers I'm made up. I know my personal taste in hip hop never aligned with the majority here so I mostly post stuff here so I can find it later. If someone else digs it all the better.



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