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Just a quick reminder that the 2020 Favourite Albums list thread is open until the end of 31 December! There's been a brilliant turnout so far, and it can be even better if you add your list in too. It doesn't matter if it's just one album :)



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Out of all the records on my Amazon wishlist my mum bought me the Black Bastards reissue for Christmas. I thought that was a pretty funny choice at the time but now it feels even more weird.


Gonna blast fuck out of it to bring the new year in.

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1 hour ago, Lyrical Donut said:

I saw him at the Roundhouse in 2010, my last live gig. He turned up an hour late and didn't disappoint. Had to get the night bus home. Didn't matter, I was buzzing.



I was there. One of the toughest nights of my life outside the gig and into the night, but wouldn’t change it for the world. Massive salutes.

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56 minutes ago, MK-1601 said:

I think it was Clive or Calashnikov here who introduced me to Doom... in 2005/6?

 Fucking terrible news. Blasting Madvillainy rn. RIP.

He’s a definite darling of the Rllmuk Hip-Hop Recs massive, past and present. Maybe the one guy we could all agree on.

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