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This is Hip-Hop.

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I count myself incredibly lucky to have met Doom once and chatted to him several time before he 'blew up'. A proper funny guy and KMD will always be the greatest hip hop group ever. 

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4 hours ago, Camel said:

I love this completely unofficial RZA and DOOM track that someone threw together:



Oh that's unofficial? Heard this so many times when it was thrown up as algorithmic recommendation. Love it!

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Yep. It samples this Cambodian track:



Which sent me down a weird rabbit hole for a while, listening to Cambodian music. Favourite track I found was this one:



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On 01/01/2021 at 17:53, SM47 said:

It's worth mentioning, they finally tracked down the source of the sample DOOM used for Arrow Root a few months ago. This is a great article outlining the absolute quest that went into finding it 






This is really good but feels like a chunk of the article is missing. One guy promised to send a VHS tape once he had dig it out from his mum's apartment. Later, he found a BET presenter who remembers the song. Then the article jumps to him receiving a VHS rip. Presumably from the presenter?

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