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On 25/10/2021 at 16:00, Chewylegs said:




Ashamed to say I'd never heard this until the other day! Dope as fuck😎


This is dope as FUCK. I honestly have no idea if I've heard this before, it seems familiar but then it would still be my first time hearing it in 30 years. Man! Literally EVERYONE on this track killed it. It's a who's who of dope MCs of that era. REAL HIP-HOP


Thanks for posting this, you totally made my day

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4 hours ago, Camel said:

Deck never managed a decent solo project which doesn’t help. Weren’t the beats from his first album destroyed when RZA lost loads of his work in a flood?

Yeah, apparently so. A full album's production work just gone.


I don't mind him not doing a proper solo album because CZARFACE is brilliant. Fun fact: RA hust posted that Deck asked him to do a collab project with CZARFACE and call it RUGGED FACE. That would be something.

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3 hours ago, Camel said:

Remedy album is nice. Was not on my radar at all.

It was exactly what I needed today, really nice surprise. Dope production work evoking the early Wu sound, ODB samples a-plenty, and all the Wu members going all-in. The opening track with Ghostface is :chefskiss:

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