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This is Hip-Hop.


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On 07/03/2022 at 15:35, Venice Cull said:

Actually annoyed. Never my favourite Tribe track (by quite a long stretch), but I can't believe Q-Tip actually signed off on this nonsense.


Take a leaf from MCA. "I might stick around or I might be a fad, but I'll never sell my songs for no TV ad".


As if Hip Hop couldn't get any worse, they have to drag out the classics and ruin those as well.

…and it continues:


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On 23/04/2022 at 20:25, Camel said:





I swear his production is getting more and more off the wall.


I had a chat with Edan and Paten on their final tour together, and they said they'd been working on an album. Hopefully there's a fds more on the LP. Their live act was pretty mental too.


Paten was such a nice dude. Thanked me for buying his Bandcamp beat tape. Rest in power.

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I'm not a big twitter poster/user. Woke up to a like from Q-Bert this morning.

It's nothing in the greater scheme of things but I have no one else to share this with where it might mean anything so I'm sharing it here because fuck it, why not ?


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