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Spartacus: War of the Damned

The Sarge

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Only heard about this when I got to work this morning. Utterly tragic news.

I'm gonna pop to HMV when I finish at 4pm today to buy Spartacus: Blood and Sand, watch a few episodes tonight with a few glasses of Roman Italian wine, and by Jupiter's Cock I'm going to celebrate the life of the man.

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BTS - The Brotherhood. (spoilers)

And season 3 confirmed!

The most celebrated STARZ Originals franchise, “Spartacus,” will continue to wow audiences worldwide with a renewal secured for a thrilling and bloody third season. The green light comes well in advance of “Spartacus: Vengeance,” which will debut exclusively on STARZ – Friday, January 27, 2012 at 10PM ET/PT.

As yet untitled, production on the third season of “Spartacus” is expected to begin in New Zealand in early 2012.

Starz Media Managing Director Carmi Zlotnik commented, “There is no denying the impact ‘Spartacus’ has had in the marketplace with fans across the globe thirsting for the continuation of the epic tale. ‘Vengeance’ brings unparalleled action and drama to STARZ viewers in January. We are thrilled to come to an early agreement that allows the writers and talent to get right back to work in preparing for season three.”


:omg: :OMG: :D

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Steven DeKnight

Officially 27th but avail a week early. RT @NYJET_Prime is the Starz premier the 20th or the 27th. I saw 2 different dates now.

17 hours ago via Twitterrific

Does this mean... I think this means we can get it Friday morning? It does, doesn't it?


Finally, the Gods remove cock from fucking arse!

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I want this to be good, but I am apprehensive of the programme’s ability to be good without John Hannah. Given the plot developments, I’m worried it’s going to concentrate too much on the wooden interactions of the shaven-chested muscle daddy rebel gladiators, which for the most part, was much less interesting than the political machinations (awesome bits notwithstanding).

To be honest, I kind of wish they’d sacked off the Spartacus element entirely, and just made it a show about the sexy adventures of Batiatus, series eight of which would climax with him overthrowing the republic and becoming emperor of Rome, and series fifteen of which would see his descendent (played by John Hannah) becoming emperor of the moon.

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That's my worry too. I posted and read the Gods/cock/arse line back to myself and realised there was no longer anyone in the show capable of delivering it.

I won't pre-judge it though. The first season showed that the first couple of episodes are no indicator of the quality of the season as a whole, and if they created Batiatus then they should be able to do it again. Probably with military/political character(s) though, which I fear will result in less swearing :(

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I bet John Hannah misses that gig.

"John darling, in this scene you're having naked monkey sense with Xena, then Jaime Murray comes in, strips bollock naked and spills wine down herself, you then suck the wine off her breasts. And go."

Suddenly 9:00 ITV dramas wouldn't seem so alluring.

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