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Spartacus: War of the Damned

The Sarge

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7 hours ago, Azure said:

haven't bothered with this since Season 1, thinking I'd never quite take to Andy's replacement. Finally have an internet connection good enough to stream stuff though, so reckon I'll give it a chance now based on what you lot are saying. Season 1 really was magnificent entertainment, so it'd be nice to see a conclusion.


Go for it, if my old thread bump gets even one more person watching this I will be happy!


Also just twigged that the guy who plays Crassus is the man from Kerraig's short film, the Leap.

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It really does warm the cock to see this thread pop up every now and again.


I am long overdue another full re-watch of this, the greatest TV show of all time, so will be digging out my Blu Rays for the weekend. Seeing Todd Lasance appear in The Flash reminded me how amazing he was in War of the Damned so cant wait to get back into it.


Can't really add much to the comments above. If you haven't watched this then there really is no excuse to avoid it now the whole thing can be streamed on Netflix. Its definitely one of those shows that benefits from binge watching as the emotional build up the key moments carry so much weight when its all watched close together.


As far as the best series goes, for me it is Blood and Sand. It does in 13 episodes what most other TV shows struggle to do in 5 seasons. No filler, every episode has stand out moments and the finale delivers for me the single greatest slow motion shot in TV history

the wide angle shot of Spartacus running up Crixus shield to jump at the Balcony. When Crixus kneels, taps his shield and says "Spartacus" you know something special is about to happen but what follows is just fucking incredible!


Watch it. Love it. Then watch it again!

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Ok, we decided to kick right off where it left off, skipped Season 2 and jumped into 3. 


2 episodes in and so far so good! Can see it is going to miss Andy but the new chap is quite good really. Doesn't quite have Andy's presence yet, but it took him a while in Blood & Sand, too.


Miss Quintus/John Hannah already, but a otherwise a welcome return to all the old favourites.


The show has a tendency to fall into the depravity/violence aspect a bit too much at times so I hope they improve the balance there as it goes on, too. Yes, contextually It absolutely needs it, but it can be a bit "slo-mo filler for teenage boys" at times! 


Anyway, bring it on!





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Plus its only 6 episodes and is absolutely essential if you want to understand the background to Gannicus and more importantly his relationship with Oenomaus. The Crixus path is great too but there really is no reason why this season should be skipped.


"There is only one way to become Champion.... never fucking lose!"

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I’m doing a rewatch of this and it remains brilliant.


I’d pretty much forgotten everything after Gods of the Arena so Vengeance is proving a great surprise all over again



Completely forgot Lucretia survived series 1 and then Asher turns up and Gannicus!


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Words flow from your mouth like shit from ass!

Shame you didn’t stick with it as you missed out on some sensational telly. Liam McIntyre takes a few eps to warm up but once he does he’s every bit as good.


Also, imagine not watching Gods of the Arena. Remove shit from brains and set mind to purpose! 

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I just stopped enjoying it after they killed off John Hannah. He was the heart and soul of the programme, and (along with Lucy Lawless) did such a great job of undercutting the ridiculousness of the main plot, and underpinning the drama. The new Spartacus was fine, but without Batiatus' humour and deviousness, it just couldn't walk the same line between sincere heroism and camp political intrigue. They tried to put that centurion dude in the same role, but he was a pale imitation of John Hannah. If nothing else, I've never seen someone have so much fun in a role, and that fun was hugely infectious. Without him, it wasn't the same.

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