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Spartacus: War of the Damned

The Sarge

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I've watched the first seven episodes over the last few days, its really good stuff, the story has got better and better as the series progresses.

I'm sure they must have some sort of tit 'n' gore quota and they make up for the amount of slightly shoddy cgi by going completely over the top with the gaping neck wounds and severed limbs.

I think I'll do a marathon session with the last five episodes tonight :(

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Amazing end to the first season. Quite surprised by how much the quality of the story, characters, pretty much everything picked up after the initial opening episodes.

As S2 is currently postponed (Andy Whitfield aka Spartacus has Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma) Starz will be using the time to develop a 6 part mini series prequel.

Starz is developing a six-episode miniseries prequel to its freshman hit, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, in order to keep the series' momentum after its star, Andy Whitfield, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma a month ago and production on a second season was indefinitely postponed.

The series (the finale of which airs next week) has been Starz's first original-series hit, averaging a million viewers each week; the network green-lighted season 2 a month before it even premiered, but now, with Whitfield in treatment, Starz finds itself with empty sets, actors, producers, and writers very expensively standing by.

A prequel (Gladiator Babies, perhaps?) would keep the sets and creative staff productive, while holding on to the original show's fans. Network execs are now in Cannes at the annual MIP TV international programming marketplace, looking at other options, but this spin-off is looking like a tempting bet to fill their January hole.



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Just watched the whole series over the last few days.

Really good stuff - enjoyed it loads. Reminded me a bit of OZ - blokes locked up, lots of violence, massive body count, political maneuvering ago go.

Feel terrible for the lead having cancer - you would think he is destined for a decent action career in films.

No idea how series 2 will be structured when they get round to making it, but should be good.

I guess the prequel has a lot of scope - got to give us Theokoles vs Doctore though.

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Just finished watching the last episode and I'm really glad I had the patience to wait for a 720p version, I loved it from start to finish. I guess they'll follow the slave uprising next with Spartacus building his 70k strong army and taking over a large part of the south of Italy.

As for a prequel mini-series they could do a lot, they could show Crixus or Oenomaus before they were slaves and how they got to where they were.

Hope Andy Whitfield recovers, it makes me really happy to see a Welshman on TV looking like a proper badass.

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So glad they didn't kill off Ilithyia, she's just too damn hot to die. Very satisfying end to the series though.

Quite surprised actually by how much I enjoyed this. First impressions weren't particularly good (cheap cgi, cheesy dialogue between Spartacus and his wife - and yes, I can't even remember what his name is), but I'm so glad I stuck with it as it turned out to be fantastic. Can't wait for the prequel and season 2.

If only Legend of the Seeker was this good :lol:

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Well, I have watched all 13 episodes now, thanks to its appearance on You Have Been Watching. Of course, when Charlie Brooker brought it to my attention it was for the purpose of mockery, and it looked like stupid shit! What a cheap, rubbish, soft-porn "300" ripoff! How laughably bad! Looks like it was made by 13-year-old boys!

But I gave it a try. The first couple of episodes were indeed quite cheesy. To be honest, it kind of reminded me of the Private Gladiator porn films (check them out, it's good filth). I wondered why there were some legitimate actors -- and Sam Raimi's name attached -- in a series that looks like it was made in Mexico by porn barons! It's weird that nearly every female character is introduced with a sex scene, and everyone loves the word "cock". Oh, and if you thought 300 was homoerotic... ;)

But the strangest thing happened. By episode 3 or 4 I was kind of gripped. I love how the dialogue has an old-fashioned Shakespearian style which sounds really poetic and clever... but mixed with brilliant swearing. ("You have no mother, you were belched from the cunt of the underworld!" "Once again the gods part our cheeks to ram their cocks up our asses!")

The political scheming and the twists and turns of the plot were also fantastic. Ilithyia -- what a wonderfully vile cunt of a person!

I could guess Varro was going to die soon, since that episode had a bit of "Two weeks to retirement, I bought a yacht..." But I didn't know it would be so gut-wrenching. Also when Ilithyia fucking destroyed that other girl's face. Jupiter's cock!

As others have commented, it looks like it was all planned well, rather than made up as they went along. Episode 12 brought everything together deliciously. Then it was so satisfying to see the last episode take things to a conclusion (I was worried the whole thing was leading to a disappointing "to be continued..."). I've been reading about what happened next (historically) on Wikipedia. I hope we get to see the mental Blood and Sand version one day.

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I am a bit surprised about all the love that this is getting in here, not that I necessarily think it's a bad series, because I've definitely enjoyed watching it. But there have certainly been moments where I have burst out LOLing at a piece of dialogue - it reminded me of Shakespeare, as well, as someone else mentioned above - but from the start I've thought the dialogue sounds like the writer has consciously tried to write in a Shakespearean style, but not been particularly good at it.

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I thought it was incredible television, and devoured the whole thing in a matter of days. All the criticisms people level at it - the ridiculous fight scenes, dialogue, nudity, gore sex, the way it has that obvious 'studio' look - are valid, but around episode four you start buying into the world, the plot and characters come to the fore, and it suddenly becomes unmissable. The mental stuff is all still in there but instead of laughing at the show, you laugh with it.

It's immaculately crafted. God knows how they managed to do it - even the shows closest to it (Oz obviously, and Buffy on the plotting side) seem terribly flabby in comparison. I mean, it's obviously not a worthy show in the manner of The Pacific or Treme, but it's so exhiliarating it doesn't matter. Almost every episode has a scene that feels epic, that goes for the gut, gets your pulse racing and gets you yelling at the TV in horror, dismay, or sheer excitement. I mean, who didn't feel their heart quicken at the

shield tap

in the season finale? And what other show gives you that feeling every episode?

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Just finished watching this, like others have said the first couple of episodes were not all that, but it certainly picked up. I am looking forward to the mini series, whilst the main star gets better :)

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"Spartacus" will return to Starz in January, but as a 6-part prequel series that will once again star John Hannah and Lucy Lawless. The prequel series will focus on the rise of the gladiator school or "ludus" known as the House of Batiatus, and production gets underway this summer in New Zealand. John Hannah will return as Batiatus and Lucy Lawless will return as his wife, Lucretia; their story will be the focus of this prequel season.

Star Andy Whitfield, who is currently undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, will return in two of the six episodes. According to Starz, Whitfield is "responding well" to treatments.

“The prequel story maintains the excitement and entertainment value of the first season of ‘Spartacus,’ giving audiences the engaging experience they’ve come to expect,” Starz President and CEO Chris Albrecht said in a statement. “Fortunately, Andy is responding to his treatments, and will be able to be part of this prequel in a limited capacity. As soon as he’s able, we look forward to continuing the Spartacus story.”

Other returning actors include Peter Mensah as Doctore, Manu Bennett as Crixus, Antonio Te Maioha as Barca, Nick E Tarabay as Ashur and Lesley-Ann Brandt as Naevia. There is also a new character who is yet to be cast -- House of Batiatus' top gladiator before Spartacus came along.



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