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Spartacus: War of the Damned

The Sarge

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As much as I enjoyed Andy's portrayal of the quiet, brooding Spartacus and of course wish him all the very best in his fight against NHL, I don't think it'll be too hard to recast him. Add a few more years of battle scars & subtle changes to his personality, and then you'd almost have a different man anyway.

I obviously still wish Andy would be in series 2 though.

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They could concentrate on Crixus' campaigns a bit more, so that the new Spartacus actor doesn't have to carry too much at once in season 2. It's going to have to be quite a different story and structure anyway, so perhaps the audience would have needed to get used to some big changes.

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It looks great indeed, that vid got me so psyched last night!

Its the stuff from DeKnight, about how everyone was so keen to make more House of Batiatus stuff, his concise list of the vital ingredients (sex, violence, backstabbing) and his complete lack of modesty about how awesome it will be.

I didn't realise it was due so soon. Absolutely cannot wait!

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Say hello the new Spartacus


Sources say Liam McIntyre has been cast as Spartacus, replacing Andy Whitfield on the Starz series…

The casting comes after a lengthy process to find a new lead on the cult hit following Whitfield having to depart the show to resume treatment for cancer.

The actor, who was recently seen in HBO’s The Pacific, beat out a field of contenders that included Stephen Amell (The Tracey Fragments) and Aiden Turner (All My Children).


Not a bad choice at all, looks somewhat similar to Andy.

And don't forget that Spartacus: Gods of the Arena starts this Friday in the US. :)

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There's no info about how the cancer is progressing since he withdrew from Spartacus, but here's a recent pic of him and he looks pretty healthy. (very thin compared to how he looked at the end of Season 1)


Wish him all the best. :)

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Is it going to be on Sky any time soon?!? If not, I'll sail the high seas for it.

It's currently TBA since Bravo ceased broadcasting, but I remember reading that Sky were planning to move the show to their new Sky Atlantic channel. (I wouldn't expect it to show up there any time soon though, so sailing the high seas for it is probably the advisable thing to do.)


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Looks like Sky 1 is showing Gods of the Arena starting 7 February.

Sky Atlantic schedule has a smattering of shows, but it's mostly To Be Announced. It might show up there too.


I did as thorough search as I could and came up with nothing. Is there a specific site where you can look up Sky listings weeks in advance? :)

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