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Spartacus: War of the Damned

The Sarge

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I've just watched the first two parts, and it's brilliant. Part of the appeal is that a scene seems to be going one way, and then the ante gets upped by a casual remark or decision by one of the Romans, which usually means dire consequences for one of the slaves or gladiators, if not immediately, then certainly further down the line. There's usually a "Oh fuck!" exchange of glances between the slaves/gladiators as well. "These fucking Roman cunts, toying with our lives!"

Can't wait to get stuck into part 3.

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It's a shame he won't feature in season two really as it's largely him that the best parts of the show revolve around.

Yup. I'm sure Season 2 will be good, but I find it hard imagining it without Batiatus. I know Ashur will be in, but he's a poor substitute. :(

Anyway, will be interesting to see the direction they take Season 2. A few characters from GoTA might be returning and we know the battles will be bigger in scale. Someone mentioned it earlier, but I really think they should have made Season 2 more about the other characters in the slave revolt and waited for Andy to recover. I know that wasn't really feasible, but I'm concerned the actor they've brought in (who may look like him) will lack the on screen presence/chemistry shared with Crixus and the other characters.

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I'm shit with names, but that new visitor in ep. 3 was proper creepy. I don't just mean that scene, but from the moment he appeared.

Oh, and

the father should have just left a cup of tea beside the bed ;)

Proper creepy looking chap. His facial expression reminded me of a not as stocky, white Christopher Judge.

And I think that girls petals are well and truly bruised now :eyebrows:

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Last episode this week...with Season 2 premièring early 2012.

There is some good news, the Season 1 on Blu-Ray will be available from May 16th, 2011


And GotA BR will be available from Oct 3rd, 2011



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As soon as I've watched the last episode some time on Saturday, I'm going to rewatch Blood and Sand. Who else will be doing the same?

I'm temtped. But then I'm also tempted to hold on for the Blu-ray. But I agree it would be cool to go straight back into season 1, and watch it having all that extra backstory in mind that was missing the first time round.

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