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Take A Pic Of Your Dinner!

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Sunday Roast time at mine, trivet of carrots, challots, garlic and leek with a bit of thyme and a glass of rioja20210103_105407.thumb.jpg.30806f37975f272da6befd05ce11a93d.jpg


3kg of topside coated in a mustard, sea salt and olive oil rub and some more thyme




served with roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots and broccoli.


I foiled the pan after an hour to keep the juices from evaporating, scraped the pan and made a delicious gravy with a Knorr stock pot, 500ml of water, some flour and 2 tbsp of brown sugar.


I got some extra heavy muffin tins which I use for making yorkies, they lived in the bottom of the oven during the beef roast, as soon as the meat came out, oven went to maximum, then after 15 minutes the batter came out of the fridge. if there is one thing I have learned is that a yorky really needs two things, a long batter rest, and a good temperature shock coming out of the fridge into very hot oil and they rise magnificently.

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1 hour ago, sir podger said:

how long did they cool for and how much water was in the tray?


Oh, hello. They rested for 15 minutes and there was no water in the tray, it was just to catch drips.

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51 minutes ago, sir podger said:

sorry, phone typo, how long did they cook for? they are making me hungry and I've just devoured most of a cow!


Ha, sorry. They cooked for an hour at a low temp. Had a little mahogany in there for a touch of smoke. I think I'm about to fall down a rabbit hole of barbecue cooking. Blame You Tube.

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From scratch sweet and sour chicken using this recipe




Made this before and the sauce is absolutely amazing, so bright and vibrant and miles better than anything you can get in a jar (but maybe a touch sweet for my personal taste as listed) - I think we'll experiment with the chicken bit and may go all fried without the oven for a nicer texture, the more fully fried coating wouldn't soak up as much sauce I think which will keep the flavour as full on as it is in the pan before the oven cooked chicken goes back in.


She also has a stir fry version with the same sauce but think I like the slightly chewy crunch of the classic takeaway version, may try it though





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