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Trials HD (XBLA)


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If this turns out to be as good as the early buzz suggests then I figured the game deserves its own thread.

Here's the basic features:

* Tons of tracks: Over 50 versatile tracks will test your racing and stunt riding skills.

* Level sharing: The level editor allows you to create your own levels and share them with other racers.

* Customization: Unlock new bikes as you ride, and make your rider your own.

* Leaderboards: Trials HD features a new type of in-game friend scores and global rankings


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Here's some photos which shows off one of the ways they integrate your friends scores into the game, the level editor and general gameplay




Reviews so far:

Eurogamer 9/10

It may cost a hearty 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.20 / 14.40), but even playing it from start to end will take hours, and it's a game built for endless replay and community expansion beyond that...it's wonderfully designed, justifies the price, and may end up being the best thing on Xbox Live Arcade all year.

IGN - 8.3

Trials HD is packed with arcade thrills and inventive tests of skill.
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Oh, it is fucking hard. I've not managed to get above silver on any of the Medium levels. Tried two of the Hard ones and I haven't even finished them yet. But then there's the temptation to go back to better your earlier times, to throw your own levels together, to try the pinball level or the one where you have to carry a couple of bombs on a trailer as far as you can without dropping them...

Loads of good stuff here. It's hellishly addictive, too. I'll probably hate it in a couple of days when I can't get any further, but for now I'm really enjoying being crap at it.

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The PC game really isn't all that difficult once you get used to it...I mean yeah you'll die and have to restart a hell of a lot, but if you keep at it there really aren't any places where it becomes impossibly difficult.

Can't wait for this tomorrow, looking forward to this more than Batman.

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Think I'll get this tomorrow, looks excellent and I'm hoping for some of the old Kikstart vibe (no 2 player though). I'm not keen on the reports of frustration though, as long as it's not 4 minutes into a level type frustration I'll be OK I think.

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Been looking forward to this. The original Trials must have cost the company I worked for tens of thousands in lost productivity when that link circulated.

Sounds like they kept the commentator with the weird northern European accent in there. It somehow seems important to the overall atmosphere.

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I just had a quick replay of the Steam version and the biggest problem is really the controls for things like "Spring Jumps" - to put it politely, they don't work - at all.

The timing required to get that particular trick to work is near-impossible - 9 times of out 10 you'll fall on your arse - which makes the game rather less enjoyable to say the least.

It's particularly bad with an XBOX (analog) pad so I guess it will have to have been fixed for this version - tbh a fix for the Steam version would be nice.

Where Trials excells tho is in encouraging the 'less conventional' approach to things - instead of trying to stay upright you go through things on 1 wheel, upside down etc. etc - right on the edge of disaster but never QUITE cratering...

p.s. Trials HD apparently uses analog controls (the PC version is digital even if you use a pad - and lacks proper config options too) - this means they have to have addressed some of the issues.

It's just a shame they fucked PC owners for so long really - not sure I'd be keen to hand them £10 based on their previous record for not giving much of a fuck...

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I'm not very keen on very frustrating games. I think I'll download the trial first before shelling out.

The beauty of this statement is that it can either be taken completely at face value, or as a really bad pun on not one, but *two* summer of arcade XBLA games. That's a three-hit combo, right there.

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Video of some tracks made using the level editor :)

And another review from Team Xbox - 9.2

Trials HD could possibly drive you insane before you’re done, but you’ll go to the padded room with a giant smile on your face the whole time and wanting more.
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