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I thought psycho kid was all about not putting down walkers/ walkers-to-be?

[comic spoilers]

I do think that Carl will end up killing psycho girl, but I kind of feel they've left it too late: he's now too old to pull it off and still get the 'innocence of a child' angle, plus he's had his particularly militant phase and is now more reserved, sensible, trustworthy. I think a psycho turn for him at this point is a bit flip-flop-y.

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Just watched the last four episodes back to back and loved it. For me, after a decent beginning, season 3 was the worst. I never thought the Governor made any sense and poor old Andrea, who'd previously had some good moments, was reduced to an annoying love interest. Guv himself lacked the threat of the comic book guv and just came across as a frustrated middle-manager who, for no apparent reason, commanded respect. Also his relationship with Michone didn't make much sense. Her hatred for him was initially based on not much at all and her subsequent actions appeared dickish.

Season 4 fleshed out the Guv enough to make him a far more interesting character. The whole season was good and I don't remember any particular stinkers. Final mid-season episode was brilliant. So many good bits, my favourite being the kids saving Tyrone.

Looking forward to February.

And Carol? Love her, bring her back. It's her training that saved the kids who saved themselves.

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I chomped through 3 episodes of this last night, will be continuing tonight with ep 5. Not sure I really understand what happened with Carol and her two

"murders" though - why did she set fire to the bodies when her usual zombie dispatch method is to stick them in the temple with a knife? There were big drag marks of blood leading to the burn site so they'd already been bludgeoned. Why waste fuel and burn them anyway?

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Yeah, if they were going to do an episode where nothing really happened they should at least have spun round all the characters to remind everyone of who's alive, the groupings, and the direction each is going in (maybe setting up situations or tensions in some).

Also, next time on The Walking Dead: people looking worried.

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