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Fable III - Coming to PC, May 17th

The Sarge

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Are you insane? Fable II was the most broken game I've ever played; a bug riddled, crippled mess. Not just little glitches like Fallout 3, I mean full on game breaking bugs

He did say broken mess

While it was a stupidly buggy game, it was not unplayable. Though trying to select people, houses and go through menus was a new kind of pain in the arse :mellow:

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The boring cunts are out in force already, I see. At least it's amusing to see their frothing indignation and childish efforts to put it to the man by posting some unfunny, inane waste of letters.

:angry: Jesus! chill dude, for all it's flaws I still quite liked Fable II and I'm interested in what Fable III will be like.

It's just a bit of fun

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Peter Molyneux has said that the Fable series should no longer be considered an RPG, but more of an action/adventure series.

This revelation was announced during X10 last night, when Lionhead was showing Fable III to attendees.

“I’m not sure I even call Fable an RPG anymore,” he said (via CVG). “Certainly not a 1990s RPG, for sure. In a way, you could look at it and say it’s like an action adventure.

“There’s a lot of drama, there a lot of story, there’s a lot of emotion in there – but with leveling up. I love that leveling up. I’m not the sort of person that likes being given a pre-planned character and told ‘this is you no matter what’” .

Other than the HUD changes announced last night, the expression system has been removed, with the developers opting for a touch system instead.

Now, instead of frowning, smiling and the like, you will be able to drag, fondle, hug, shake, and more.


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Hmm, according to Destructoid...the game will have some NATAL controls.

We've since seen the game in action and heard what Lionhead Studios had to spill about Fable III at this particular event. This little bit of humor and editorial is now available below the fold. And why is that, you didn't ask? It's because what we ran earlier was speculation, things we thought we saw. And it was speculation that Lionhead wouldn't confirm or deny at the event.

Our little list has several notes about motion control via Natal. And even though there was mad gesturin', right-hand-off-the-controller action, the crew were mum on the details. In fact, they didn't even mention Natal, which sounds downright weird to us. Regardless, it's a bummer.

Being stuck in a line full of nerds is a drag, especially when you're waiting to see something as juicy and unknown as Lionhead Studios' Fable III. But we're not about to shut off our brains and avert our eyes before a presentation begins.

So without further introduction, here are five things we think we learned about Fable III while being stuck in an X10 line.

1. You'll be able to pick up kids with Natal-aided hand motions.

2. You'll use a controller to play, but you'll also use your right hand to do gestures and initiate things.

3. Your avatar in the game can get evil or bluish angelic wings instead of horns or a halo.

4. You do overhead finishing moves with your hands.

5. It looks, feels, and smells like Fable.


Apologies if already posted/mentioned.


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The whole social/expression thing was the worst thing about Fable II

Flapping about like a goon doing the same 5 animations over & over while a gang of 30 idiots stood around spitting out the same sound samples, following you everywhere & getting in the way.

Yeah. I only played a bit of Fable 2 but it looked shite.

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Molyneux Confirms New Continent And New Race

Speaking in an interview with IncGamers at the X10 eventin San Francisco last week, Molyneux said the new continent will be accessible from the world of Albion.

This will be the first time the Fable series will come out of the continent of Albion.

We asked Molyneux what exactly would populate the continent of Arora and whether it would feature a new race, to which he responded "yes, it will have new races and a whole new environment."


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New(?) Info.

Molyneux shows CVG a scene in which our hero's wife is panicking about losing her daughter. He uses his canine companion (yep, he's back) to discover her location, through a new 'context sensitive' scent-chasing feature.

When we catch up with the wayward tyke, she's innocently messing about with her friends on the other side of Bowerstone. At first, the touch system is used to reprimand, but after some guilt-inducing sobbing, dad kneels down and takes her hand.

She quickly cheers up - enough to chirpily inform her father that mum wouldn't approve of him leading his offspring to the pub. Molyneux gives a telling nod to the finger-linking buddy system seen in Fumito Ueda's ICO.

Where Fable III's touch mechanic really comes into its own, however, is with the darker side of life. Molyneux says he wants to "tug on your heartstrings"; for you to feel the deplorable and divisive effects your decisions have on individuals in the society you wish to rule.

We witnessed a vagabond being taken by the scruff of the neck and dragged to the workhouse by our protagonist. Only fair, right? Try doing it while he's screaming for mercy; desperately bleating that his friend perished in the same sweat-box weeks before. You're forcing him to his doom - and it's powerful, heart-in-the mouth stuff.

The touch system allows you to hug, shake, drag and fondle, but also plays a role in confrontation - with the option to strike opponents. If that makes Fable III's combat system sound lame, fear not: With the exception of a more straightforward magic model, combat is much as it was in the last game - if a little simpler and far more pleasing to the eye.

As in Fable II, holding down the attack button results in more forceful assaults, and there's still no limit on how long you wish to do so. Hold it down for six hours, says Molyneux, and you'll invoke a "therma-nuclear attack".

CVG observes a number of attacks with both a musket and a huge, chunky sword - the latter concluding with a particularly bloody, God Of War-aping close-up of a foe's splattered demise.

The evolution of the weapons themselves is another neat addition. Your fighting tools now morph with your personality. Use it to exclusively to defeat deserving opponents, and your weapon will glow; harvest the innocent and it will drip thick, tar-like blood. Later on in the game, it will sing whenever unsheathed; revealing your worst murderous crimes to the people around you.

Your weapon is even linked to your Gamerscore - the more of an achievements-collector you are, the more ostentatious the design on your blade will be.

This comes in particularly handy when selling your killing tool to other Fable players via the new online auction system. This is yet to be fully unveiled, but we do know you'll use in-game currency to do the purchasing and that Molyneux hopes "once your weapon's been round the world, you could end up buying it back".

The magic has been streamlined, and now allows you to combine rings and items for devastating attacks. For example, the combination of a fireball ring and a storm ring will result in (you've guessed it) an inferno downpour.

"The morphing system had gone terribly wrong for some players," he explains. "Any female characters in the Fable world ended up looking big and bulky, like Russian shotputters. We had thousands of posts from women saying they wanted to be thin and lithe."

Lionhead responded accordingly: Your hero's physical growth is now determined by their weapon choice. Pick a broad-sword and you'll emerge a beefcake; opt for a pistol and you'll stay skinny.


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As in Fable II, holding down the attack button results in more forceful assaults, and there's still no limit on how long you wish to do so. Hold it down for six hours, says Molyneux, and you'll invoke a "therma-nuclear attack".

:omg: He's getting over excited again isn't he?

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nah, he's just remembered how gold farmers played fable 2: stop playing for a few hours.

Or like I did, get disconnected from Live and play it for a while, I hadn't realised that the clock had gone back to 2001. Then I got back online, clock returns to 2008, and I've suddenly (and unexpectedly) got about 50 million in the bank :omg:

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time travelling for gold was the first thing I brought up when they came up with that system (I implemented it), but was told it wasn't a problem/they didn't care, if people want to go to that effort for gold why stop them. It will not be a problem this time around.

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