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The X Factor 2009


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A live audience?

Oh man. This is going to be even more cringeworthy than usual.

It ruins it, I think. The auditionees(?) are left in no doubt as to how shit they are, so there's none of that humour where they and their family and friends doggedly try to convince the judges of their quality in the face of their utter shiteness.

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I'm not sure I like the new format. It works well for things like 'Britain's Got Talent' as that usually does require a large stage but this was better suited to them being in a small room where they could possibly go absolutely mental.

...Why has nobody gone mental yet?!

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Yes, let's all laugh at the effeminate fag.

Actually, maybe that's unfair. The last one was an effeminate fag too, wasn't he, but then he was gorgeous, could sing and did his very best to keep a lid of the mincing. So the effeminate faginess was excused. Hm.

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