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Xbox 360 price cut confirmed for August 28 - Update & PR pg 4.

The Sarge

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  • 3 weeks later...
GameStation will be launching an Elite bundle at £199.99 with COD 4 Modern Warfare and Fight Night Round 4, and as far as trade-ins, you’ll be able to get an Elite for £99.99 if you put in a Wii or a 60Gb 360.

^ Has anyone done that deal in the past couple of weeks? If so:

1) If you trade in a 360 do you still get the Elite + games for £100 or is it just the console?

2) If it's + games can you trade them back at the same time to reduce the price further?

3) Do they care if a 60GB 360 Pro was originally a 20GB HDMI Pro with a 60GB HDD added in?

4) Any better trade-in deals than that? I guess only GAME or HMV will take trades.

I worked out I could get an Elite for about £7 if I traded in my 360, P&C Kit, the bundle games and used some GS credit I already have :P

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According to a guy on neowin, there will be an Xbox 360 Super Elite announced this week. It is the one rumoured in Africa or someshit, but now it will be announced in the UK. £249.99, 250gb, 2 controllers, HDMI cable, end of october.

Now, it's just a rumour, but the guy was right about alot of other things in the past.

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Remove a model, add a model, remove a model, add a model, remove a model, add a model, remove a model, add a model, remove a model, add a model...

When will this insanity end!?

I'm surprised Nintendo haven't released a billion different colour options for the Wii yet.

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