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What's Exciting You?


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Pretty simple topic really, but I'm just wondering what's exciting you in the gaming world at the moment?

Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Scribblenauts stands up. It'll be the first DS game I've bought in 3 years, and it's announcement pretty much stopped me from trading the thing in. The idea of time travelling and summoning God - or having God ride a T-Rex just sounds to amazing to be true, but I'm really looking forward to stretching my imagination with it.

A game not many people talk about but I'm itching to get my hands on, is Ninety Nine Nights 2. When this generation was first announced, many developers showcased their tech with hundreds of enemies on-screen, but in all the games I've played, the original NNN is the only one where I was really in awe of seeing that many enemies on screen at once. With improved tech and more, smarter enemies on screen, it should be a total spectacle to play.

The launch of Sony's wand thing in Spring should also yield some interesting results. I've always been a big supporter of motion control, particularly motion controlled FPS's, and I'm hoping Sony have stuff waiting in the wings which makes some good use of their new tech with existing genres, along with the inevitable party games. There's already talk of a motion control option for Heavy Rain, which could do a good job of spicing up the QTE's.

Crytek's new engine looks to be a stunner too, with excellent cross platform performance. I'm not a developer, but my impression of Unreal 3 is that it's somewhat stuck in a rut, and isn't taking best advantage of the current hardware anymore. I'd like to see a wider variety of game engines being licensed, and Crytek's new one looks stunning.

So yeah, anything that you're looking forward to, or just generally excited about in the gaming world - share your thoughts. :(

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Having recently got a sim racing seat, using my wheels and pedals is much easier and it's breathed new life into Forza 2, Grid, DiRT, rFactor, LFS etc. This also means I can't wait for the glut of decent racers we've got on the way.

Can I ask what seat you've got?

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Probably hard to post this without sounding fanboyish but xbox live, especially the arcade and things like 1 vs 100.

A few of us mused in the shadow complex thread but between that, trials HD and battlefield 1943 I've not played a disc based game on my xbox apart from Fifa '09 on Rllmuk BAP thursdays for about 2 months now.

The Summer Of Arcade has ben epic. I've put in at least 30 hours on battlefield alone, trials is amazing old school gaming and shadow complex is also pretty class. All for 30 bones. It took me few weeks to get into 1 vs 100 but it's been unmissable for me since I got into it (I reckon it would be better on other nights than Friday and Saturday though, I'm often out for one of the live games). Mustn't grumble though. :(

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Can I ask what seat you've got?


One of these in blue. The chairs are made by and are available on their own from a separate company. This company makes the wheel mounting kits and sells the whole bundle. I'd love a proper sim rig but it's not practical. This is the best compromise for me. The design of it is really common sense and it's quite easy to switch wheels. Ideally, I could do with another of the T pieces that they slide into, but this is no biggie.

I think it came to about £270 for the chair, G25 shifter mount (fairly unstable,) 360 wheel adapter and power clamp (reduces wobble, I thought I'd better get it but I don't actually think it needs it.) Oddly, the Wheel mount as standard is for a Logitech wheel but it came with a thin piece of metal which the G25 doesn't tighten up to. They seem to now sell a separate logitech kit that has a thick piece of wood instead. It's not a big problem, I just found a random bit of wood and used that. The G25 shifter table is unstable, so I made the wood for the wheel stick out long enough for the shifter to sit next to it, DFPro style. The shifter table is good enough for a mouse though.

It also makes an EXTREMELY comfortable rocker if you take the back legs off it :(

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Rage, APB, Scribblenauts, Mafia 2, Revenge of the Titans.

Further off, Starbreeze's Syndicate game, and HL2Ep3.

I can't remember a time when I've been hyped up for so many forthcoming games. 2010 might turn out to be a bumper year.

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For me it's the potential of touch screen phones like the iPhone, HTC Hero etc. and where that avenue of 'gaming' could be headed.

I hope that development is simple enough and the potential audience massive enough that we start to see lots of interesting and unique interactive content from outside the traditional game development industry, maybe from graphic and motion designers, fine artists and indie game dev students - in a similar way that Flash was adopted as a platform on the web.

Nothing on the main consoles has excited me for ages though. I could well be dead inside.

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I'm excited by Batman, Mafia II, the other prof Layton's finally, that bloody far-too-long-in-coming Miles Edgeworth game, FFXIII (been an age since I played one really), Brutal Legend and some more highly polished XBLA titles (going back to the earlier ones I downloaded is a joke, the golf game I got, which although quite fun, is utter shit in comparison to some of the newer stuff).

In more general terms, I'm really interested in what goes on throughout this gen in regards to it being with us for a bit longer, games running on RAGE, CryEngine, a possible new Unreal engine (I imagine it's happening?) and dare I say it... Natal and the PS 'wand' too. I'm also looking forward to Nintendo releasing something themselves which shows off motion+ in some cool way in a 'proper' game and also new Zelda and Luigi's Haunted Theme Park / Las Vegas style Hotel complex.

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Oh my what a nice thread. :(

Here we go then:

-Silent Hill Shattered Memories

-Mario & Luigi 3


-No More Heroes 2(does it use Motionplus?)

-Red Steel 2

-Capcom versus Tatsunoku

-Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

-Super Monkeyball Step & Roll

-Fragile's western release

-Metroid Other M

-Rabbids Go Home

-Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles

-Super Mario Galaxy 2

-New Super Mario Bros

-Golden Sun DS

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I get excited by the long lists people inevitably make make of things they are interested in that I can't be arsed to read or retain rather than pick out the one or two specials things that gets them particularly excited and explain why.

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Anything a little bit different, really.

Then you need to play [broken record] Valkyria Chronicles and Demons Souls [/broken record] :(

After playing both I'm sure what ever I play next will disappoint me but anyway I guess its FFXIII, FFXIV, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Uncharted 2 and Muramasa the demon blade

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One thing both the PS3 and 360 motion control solutions seem to share, is the ability to use head tracking, and I think this could potentially be very exciting. If you think about it, what you're essentially getting is a third analogue stick. Sure it's going to be more limited, but if it really can track slight head movement, yet somehow filter out natural head bobbing ( :( ) then it could be sufficient for camera control in many games, but FPS's in particular. This could free up the spare analogue stick for more action based controls.

I've actually been a fan of games like Blade 2 and Rise To Honour, which use the right analogue stick for combat, and I'd love to see more creative uses for it like thatl.

Johnny Lee's original Wii demos for head tracking, implemented a stereoscopic effect to compliment the head tracking, so this sort of effect combined with 3D, could be quite jaw dropping. Indeed, a quick Youtube search reveals people are already playing with these ideas.

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Yeah with any luck...

The only thing I'm directly aware of at the moment is Wii Fit + which a bit of a :ph34r: if ever there was one.

Nintendo don't really announce though until just before release almost and unfortunately for anyone else, they don't really need to, they normally are worth the wait...

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