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Skate 3


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Man, you're even gaming a lot more often than I do. I only have Forza on Mondays and Fifa BaP on Thursdays. For the rest of the week it's cycling or doing other stuff (housework, gardening, seeing friends or looking for work) and the rest is gaming-when-I-see-fit.

Anyway, yeah enough of this. Who's on this demo tonight before the Fifa BaP thing?

I don't watch TV, have a garden, go pub. So lots of spare time :coffee:

I might try and jump on if Lucas drops off

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Yey its more Skate EA Nation fun for me. I get this msg whenever I try to play online -

Thank you for your interest. we're sorry but you are not old enough to access EA Online features. Please enjoy all other great features in the game.

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Had a play around for about 1.5 hours and really loved it. Found it quite hard at first but slowly coming together. Does anyone know if you have to pass certain tasks to open up more/all of the maps or can you have the whole map opened up from start?. I enjoyed trying the different moves you were set but enjoyed even more just doing my own thing around the park.

If anyone fancies a laugh at my expense, please laugh away at a noob who hasn't 1) a clue with a board and 2) not a clue with the video editor :D


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I've really enjoyed setting up some sweet lines in hardcore but I'm finding the ollie height very frustrating, I'm struggling to make some pretty basic gaps and sometimes I don't even get enough height to land a more complex flip on flap ground. Getting the hang of blunts again though, turns out they're just a LOT harder to flip into than before, if you just ollie into them it's not too hard.

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good times :D

some info from skate forums

-You can dropin to halfpipes by being on foot near the edge and pressing Y

-Completing challenges unlocks more challenges including one where you get to play hall of meat off of the clocktower.

-Sending a message to one of your friends through the menu unlocks stuff for the retail version apparently.

-You can skate in a bigger area of the demo by hosting a private match (this allows for far more exploration).


-Every single roof is skateable get up these by object dropping the red bench found to the left right after dropping down the thrasher challenge bank.

-You can flip out of darkslides without grinding first allowing you to do some sort of delayed underflip(looks strange though)

- The skate school has extra area's to skate at the end of the tutorial runs including a bowl of sorts and a bunch of rails.

-The skate school also has an unused tutorial area with the closest thing to a halfpipe in the game in it.

-You can find your uploaded clips at http://skate.ea.com/gallery

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Man, I played the demo in Hard mode and had loads of trouble landing grinds. Didn't realise how much they used to guide your jumps towards rails and that.

I like the big rumble you get when pushing a manual all the way down, as you scraaaaape the edge of the board along the ground.

Sprinting around on foot is comical, it's like a Sonic game.

Is it really different enough from Skate 2 though?

I've still not got around to finishing 2, so I'll only be looking at getting this if the online stuff is super-smashing-great.

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I wasn't even planning on getting this until I tried the demo. I was really wary of everything I'd seen about it; especially the various difficulty modes. After an hour with the demo on Hardcore mode, it's right at the top of my wants list now.

Just lovely.

They can keep all of their weird and wacky online posse things. I'm just really looking forward to sinking my teeth into a new Skate game with new areas to play and some real effort required in pulling off decent looking tricks and stringing together some fluid lines.

Fucking awesome.

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