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Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition

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Desperate Escape Scenario Revealed.

The latest issue of Famitsu has announced that Jill Valentine and John Stone will be featured in the Despite Escape scenario. Taking place during the time when Chris and Sheva are after Wesker, Josh and Jill are trying to make their escape. Obviously something interesting happens along the way, or else this would be pretty pointless. We can’t imagine how long such a scenario can be though, and it would be very disappointing if it was short lived. Seeing as Jill is the “master of unlocking”, what could possibly go wrong?

It’s nice to know that there will be a new character to play as in this scenario. For those that aren’t aware, Josh Stone is a member of the BSAA in West Africa and is a pretty important character in RE5.

In the new scans below, we get to see not only Jill and Josh, but two more Mercenaries Reunion characters. Chris is sporting a costume called exoskeleton and Sheva is wearing a business suit, which was once a PC exclusive costume.



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Christ I'll probably buy it.

Hope we hear word about this rumoured reboot soon. Whatever happened to Resident Evil PSP as well?

It got mentioned briefly by someone from capcom a few weeks ago and is definately on the way, has been confirmed as being a totally new game and not a port.

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I wouldnt even bother with it if it was free. RE4 HD and we'll talk.
Watching that video, it doesn't appear to be the HD RE4 I ordered a while back. Shame :D

I've heard a rumour that Capcom are planning RE4 HD, it'll be based on the vanilla PC version... and ported by Backbone :omg:

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has been confirmed as being a totally new game and not a port.

Expect it sometime around 2015.

Before a rebooted Resi 6 I'd expect a Resi 4 remake and some kind of Code Veronica/0 entries using the Rei 5 engine. Certainly hope so! There are usually three original Resi games per-gen, so we're due two more! That's not including Gun Survivor stuff.

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The PSP game will be a 4 player co-op effort, Biohazard Hunters.

The reboot will be a 8 player online co-op effort, Resident Evil Planet, I may be joking but that's the way the trend is going.

If there's not a fantastic single-player Resi game soon the series is dead to me! Someone show them a copy of Uncharted 2 so they can understand it's possible to have an amazing single-player and multiplayer and co-op game all on the same disc.

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And they only need to spend $40 million+ to achieve that :omg:, Lost Planet went from a single player effort to 4 player online co-op, RE became a shooter, single to co-op, more players would be a logical step, it's what the market demands more and more now. I'd love Mikami and Capcom to kiss and make up and deliver the RE equivalent of RE4/Bayonetta, but I'm not expecting that outcome.

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Final Two Mercs Reunion Characters Revealed.



The mystery surrounding those two final Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Mercenaries Reunion characters has been solved courtesy of Japan's Weekly Famitsu magazine. In its latest issue, the magazine reports that Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton will make it into the revamped Mercenaries mode as new playable characters.

This is the last bit of information before Gold Edition hits the Japanese PS3 next week under the name Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition. Worldwide, the game is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360. All the content, including the Mercenaries Reunion characters, will be made available to current RE5 owners via paid downloads.

In addition to the new character reveal, Famitsu also printed the first review of Gold Edition. The magazine's four reviewers awarded the game a high 10, 9, 9 and 9 (each score is out of 10). The new Lost in Nightmares episode earned praise for its strong puzzle element which hakens back to the classic Resident Evil. While the new episodes are short, they have "random elements" and score attack opportunities.

Sounds like a worthy update both for new buyers who go with the disc version and for current owners who go for the downloads.


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So will the PS3 version be forward compatible with their motion controller when it comes out or what? I'm outta' the loop on this one.

It was demoed with it so I assume the final version still has that functionality, no idea if it's a Japanese exclusive feature though.

For the people still bitter about the forced co-op in this game, it turns out, it was a change made at some point in the development, rather than something that was planned from the off:

Once again, Anpo manages to shares some surprising RE5 trivia. Did you know that Josh was originally set to die in the oil field area? He was saved from death when the game was switched to co-op play.

Josh originally served as Sheva's guide. He'd driver her boat for her. When they switched to co-op play, Josh accompanied Sheva for the fight against Ricardo Irving, and his character was revived in order to have him transport Sheva and Chris afterwords.

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Unless that is exactly what the guy said, that bit about Josh doesn't exactly prove that co-op was added later in the day at all... :)

I know it's more likely that it was, just that bit of info doesn't really prove that it was shoe horned in or anything.

I did enjoy it on co-op though but it should have been a co-op mode (for the whole campaign) rather than forcing you to have a 'buddy' throughout the whole game on 1P mode. I've only played it on 1P after finishing it co-op, so I've got silly weapons, still haven't finished it a 2nd time though, cos it is a bit annoying on your own.

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