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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 7


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Hey lads,

Dusted off my punters :D gimme the lowdown and drop me an add on XBL if you don't have me already.

On the iPhone so I can't put up a full transfer report :). It will come!



Fuck me, i cant get away from youn :(

nah only joking, great to have you on board, have fun at CB :unsure:

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van der Smith quits the Oranje, called up for Three Lions

Press: So Mr Smith, here we are. You've made it into the national circuit quicker than you expected, how do you feel?

Smith: It came out the blue really and I left England in the first place to play for my adopted nation, but it's good to be back

Press: It's been suggested that you may have to put in a decent debut performance, based on your rllmuk team's league form, what do you have to say about this?

Smith: As I already said to the lads in the dressing room, 10v10 is nothing like 1v1. I play with my team the way I play, the manager plays his team the way he plays. All I can do is try my best.

Press: There are currently six national teams available - do you think Athletic are the best?

Smith: 10 good forum players don't make a good team, but they do help. Obviously I can't complain at England's quality, but I'm personally looking to help push us up the table.

Press: Your debut game will be against leader's City, what's your opinion of them and how can you help stop their excellent form?

Smith: As an outsider looking in, it's good to say there has been a more dominant team over the past two seasons. This makes them more vulnerable after a defeat and they are the team to beat. All over the pitch will be key to getting a result, I can't sit here and say we will get a clean sheet or score ten goals - but it's probably more of a case of 'we'll score more than you'

Press: As a solo player, you've impressed in the Pro Club Championship - what position's have you felt are most beneficial and what can you bring to athletic?

Smith: After last year's iteration of FIFA - I felt that I don't need to score goals to prove I'm a good player. So I'm prodominantly a playmaking central midfielder. As was said in the rllmuk league, I'm an excellent goal-scorer of free kicks also. I feel that my defensive skill is poor and was looking to learn to play better. So at both right and left back, I've been testing out my capabilities. But, it's up to the manager and I'll find out where's best during practice.

Press: Thanks, for your time.


van der Smith in action against Argentina

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yeah tbh, you probs can be...

although dont forget, Athletic are the only team to take points off you!!

Ok, down to business, can anyone get on tonight for some practice?

I can't do any practice tonight - have some Forza racing online tonight :)

I assume nothing much is going to change tactic / position wise?

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Whats the plans Nathan?

Positions? and England players?

It's unranked so sort out the England team please :) I saw Beckham and Defoe playing in Outsider's video. No no's for both players IMO :(

Defoe is amazing! I've scored a few beauties with him this season. You're probably right about Beckham, but that was only for the cup not the league.

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I've always had a problem with the England strike force to be honest, on a personal front - I hate small, fast strikers. (Granted I have one at Palermo as my top scorer)

Rooney & Agbonlahor for me :)








Milner for Becks everyday of the week, Lennon is too weak.

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yeah ill be sending out a pm in a minute asking people there preferred positions, and working something out, and as for the team, i think that the player in the posistion should pick who they want,

we need to sort some practice out ASAP to actually get a system going, although that doesnt look possible before tomorrow's game, so i will have a jig around with the team tonight

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