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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 7


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lol I have no idea, I guess because TommyMat's got red hair I thought maybe you did too.

Y'know like it's a Burnley thing :P

Speaking of Tommy, the fantastic Rovers fullback...


Is that Chester Zoo mate?

Yes pal. Great day, until I fell out with her because I thought she was flirting with Tommy lol!!

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No I dont think so mate, I'm sure Peter, Harbey and Sladie are all older! Total guess mind.

Heres 1 more, me and the slut of an ex Girlfriend, this will mean more to the likes of Winch, Manic, Miner, Tyler etc.


Yes - we can all confirm she is a slut as we all had her in a gang bang (hence Ricky breaking up with her)

I'm sorry Ricky - we genuinely didn't know wshe was your missus at the time.


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This goal is more than 55 yards like, but alot of pundits and people have been saying he didnt mean to score, what do you guys think?

Its also proof that you can benefit from having long rangers (Jamie)

it was 67 yards and its a joke to even think he didnt mean it. ofcourse he meant it and its an amazing strike.

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Its also proof that you can benefit from having long rangers (Jamie)

I completely agree.

Lets change our tactics from not scoring chances IN the box - to attempting to score 25 yard+ chances OUTSIDE of the box.

World Cup winning logic.

At the same time - I wrote a tip/trick how to score long ranger's in FIFA in another thread. As well as 30+ goals I've scored with my Virtual Pro and over 10 with Miccoli in the league this season. I don't need a lecture on how to score from far out in FIFA, cheers anyway Nath :)

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