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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 7


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hey it wasnt me, it was a team effort and if i may say so myself, it had been coming for a while now

Cheers guys,it's been fun and well done to Nath for stepping into the managers role when we were in turmoil.Leaving is nothing personal,I just couldn't face the possibility of going to auction again :D

you werent going to go to auction :facepalm: i was going to buy out your contract :(

ah well all the best with Wanderers

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ok the team so far:






im quite happy with how that looks at the moment, obviously im keeping on myself chris and Pompey

so in the auction im looking for 2 defenders a winger and defensive midfielder, although im not too worried about the defensive midfielder as i can always cover there

and im also looking at a team 'practice' every tuesday or wednesday, ill send out a doodle when i have the final team in place

edit: this has also left me with quite a sizeable fee for the auction, so im hoping to get some bargains

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Aye, I was tapped up twice at City to play at CB elsewhere but replied that I fancied a season outside the back four so said I'd rather stay at the back for City.

Steely then goes and sells me to another team to play at..... CB :)

Regardless, pleased to be aboard and onwards and upwards Athletic!!!

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yeah im sorry about that, i would give you a posistion outside the back four, but bap is a bit short of defenders and you are a quality CB, as i said you wont be at CB all season, but its the best i can do at the mo,

im just pleased to have obtained 2 quality City Players for quite a reasonable price :)

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Aye my first thought when being brought here was oh no I'm going to be in the shit team for BAP but to be with the players we have I think it could be a hell of alot worse I'm happy to be here and it should be a fun enjoyable season :lol:

p.s people please be active god dammit lol

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