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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 7


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sorry guys, dunno what happened first game just got kicked before it started, the second game was my fucking brothers fault fucking up my connection downloading films, will get it sorted for next week

good luck for the second game

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Unlucky tonight, lads. I really like how we defended, but we were just mostly lacking up top without Hannay, Nath and Pompey attacking. It's always a bit shit when someone has to control the midfield and a striker, but hopefully it won't happen too often.

I like what I saw on the whole though, don't get disheartened about tonight because it means fuck all until next week :facepalm:.

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Considering it was our first real 'team' outing not too bad I guess. We only conceded 3 goals, two of which were utter shite; one AI keeper muck up and the other a unfortunate deflection+post rebound.

Hopefully we can get some proper practice/team bonding sessions in next week.

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Hi lads,

Are you lot OK for a 10.15 start tonight? I'm not sure of the best way now to make sure we all get in on time! Perhaps you can set up a match for 10.15 and the City lads should all be in a Party by then for a group invite. Probably the easiest way if you are happy with that.

Good luck for the games tonight,


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