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RPL Athletic Dressing Room - Season 7


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Fucking ratings :) 9 in the first game, 4 in the second. Granted the first game was my better performance, but still - nowhere near that kind of gulf.

Unfortunately I was hit by crippling lag during the last 20 minutes of the second game - I think Windows Update might be doing it's thing or something equally as quiet as I can't find any evidence of downloading shenanigans anywhere.

We did well, can't say as either team was unlucky to not win the second game as while we adapted well for the second half, we got a right thumping in the first.


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Pompey in Athletic Management return!


Hereticboy has just text me that he won't be able to make it tonight, so I'll be taking over for tonight only.

We'll be playing;

Meerman --- Rogue --- Pompey --- Donkey

-------- Hannay --- Mick ------- Chris

-------------------- Nath --------------------

------------ Joe ------------- Pompey

As you can see the midfield is narrower so Chris and Hanny will be playing as right and left CM's rather than wingers. Which should give the defence more protection, but you still have the freedom to get forward when you can. I'd like to Mick to play his usual holding role.

See you tonight!

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