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RPL City Dressing Room - Season 7


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havent been online BaP yet :)

Some of the changes to the setting up of games and the 'no pausing in game / AI taking over' will have you thinking WAT. But then you'll get on the pitch and it's all so smooth you can't help but forgive it.

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Yeh im free pretty much all week so i'd be up for some practice whenever possible, and about the picking team, I think me n steely had a look at a few the other day when we were at barings and i think we will be getting a decent team no matter what really. Should be fun! bring it on

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I cant wait till training...

Surely there going to be too small and weak for the importance of jostling in 10? We have speed yes, but I'm worried we will get muscled off the ball and struggle to win headers!

But I have to admit, I do have faith in you. You must have seen something I havent (as I havnt looked at Spain!)

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