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FIA World Rally Championship

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Debut Teaser


Gameplay Footage

Black Bean Games has detailed the range of game modes that will feature in WRC, the official FIA World Rally Championship video game from Milestone.

Single Player Modes

Single stage: Each of the 13 rallies is made up of 6 special stages, choose the one you want!

Single rally: Compete on 6 special stages to set your lowest overall time.

Championship: Experience the excitement of one of the 4 championships of the WRC circus and claw your way to the top of the rankings, point by point!

Time Attack: Race against time, against your ghost or one you have downloaded from PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE or GameSpy.

Rally Academy: You will learn how to drive on the various surfaces you will come up against – in various weather conditions – on the Special stages from all over the world. Once you complete the final stage of the Basic Academy, you will be able to access the Advanced Academy. Here you can learn more sophisticated techniques, which set the average driver apart from a real champion: from hairpin turns to the so-called "Scandinavian flick", from jumps to water crossing.

Road to the WRC (offline and online): You’ll be asked to start your career as a beginner from the lower support class in order to raise your awareness worldwide and win the World Rally Championship. This is a non-linear game mode representing the true career path that many of WRC top drivers have followed.

You can create your own team and manage every aspect of your career, through the WRC support championships, right up to your dream of debuting in the WRC, to become a true champion. You personally decide challenges to try and how to progress through the game. The team will give you objectives at the start of every challenge.

Achieve the objectives and you will earn the money and fame you need to enter new competitions and buy new cars, which you can customise with liveries and logos.

Multiplayer Modes

Hotseat (offline): Lets you challenge up to three of your friends, taking turns in a Single stage, a Single rally or an entire Championship. One after another, you will race against each other's times. This is the essence of true rallying!

Online: All modes let you experience challenges against up to 15 players. You can try your hand at a Single stage, a Single rally (made up of two or more special stages) or a Championship.

You can create your own lobby and select the rally type, rally class, the maximum number of players and whether to limit the room to only your friends or allow access to everyone.

Online Ranking: Here you will find the times for each single Special stage, as well as download the ghosts of other players to use in the time challenge mode.

The WRC World Rally Championship Global Game Ranking brings together all the world's virtual drivers. Every time you participate in an online race you have the chance to earn experience points, the amount you earn will depend on your place, lead and results in the individual sections of a stage. Point by point, your level will increase and you will become a true legend.

Release Date - October 8, 2010


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Please be good.

My biggest hope for this is that the main mode is a straight up championship, without any of this career bullshit.

Would be nice if the championship could be played over and over with different tasks based on who you play as, but that is as far as I want it to go.

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It doesn't look very good does it. I was kinda hoping for a leap forward in rallying but that.....it looks like they're just copying an old CM game.

It'll be a good start if they manage to remember local multiplayer. Hot-seat multiplayer in a rally game must be the easiest feature ever to implement, but all the recent Colin Mcrae's have forgotten it. So I haven't bought any of them.

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Fantastic news! I've been dying to play a traditional rally game.


I literally said to one of my mates, I wish a new official rally game would be made, days later it got announced. More excited for this than Gran Turismo currently.

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I literally said to one of my mates, I wish a new official rally game would be made, days later it got announced. More excited for this than Gran Turismo currently.

But doesn't GT5 have the WRC in it as well as everything else?

I started a thread some time back asking about rally games, but this looks piss poor.

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